Friday, December 23, 2011

How it's going ... & Christmas!

Well, it has been an EXCELLENT first two weeks of my new job. 


The days fly by, it's nothing but sweet & fun coworkers, and though the work is a LOT, it's still nothing that seems impossible! And did I mention that I have an appointment for an eyebrow wax & haircut today? Something so needed & right here on campus! And though I am working today while everyone else seems to be off, well. I'm just not that concerned because we have ALL NEXT WEEK OFF! What?! 

Oh yes. I love this place.

I am still getting the hang of my job. I had Gwen, the lady who does what i do at the Lafayette location, here to train me on Wednesday. And then yesterday, Alissa from the corporate office, came to train me as well. She went over the calendar with me since there is a deadline for a lot of stuff & just helped me for January by telling me when to work on what throughout the month. Having that, I feel much more prepared & like I will be able to do this job come January. I was feeling overwhelmed for a bit, but even then I knew that it would be totally possible once i get the hang of things. :)

I'm excited! And FULL of joy that I get to work in this kind of work environment. Even before I was laid off, I had been wishing & praying that one day I could work in a more creative environment or for a company that I was passionate about. I didn't know I was passionate about cosmentology... I mean, I don't even know how to do my own hair (although I am sure I will learn some tricks!). But I think God knew what He was doing in bringing me here. I have a post in the works called "how stage management is like cosmetology school". Only God could have known that. Only He knew what a perfect fit this place would be for me! And my boss, Laura, who I know from theater... she said she thought of me & was like, "Melissa would be perfect!" I don't think she knew I would compare the actual job to stage management, but it's because of my stage managing skills that she felt i'd be good at this job. And she was right.

For the FIRST TIME in my life, I feel like i am in a job that is a CAREER. I loved babysitting & nannying, but it was never the kind of job you can get benefits or a good salary. The gift shop where I worked? No...they don't offer benefits either & pay is not very good. BRLT is my favorite place, but it's volunteer! Manship Theatre is great, too. The pay isn't bad but it's only part-time. VERY part-time. CAAA was my first "real" job, and though I grew in my position, loved most of my coworkers, and started to really feel comfortable & even smart (haha), it still wasn't something I felt passionate about. Hate to say it, but it's true. I longed for a full-time with benefits job in the theater, but it wasn't to be & I assumed I'd get another job similar to my last one, simply because of my resume. But no. God knew THIS was the place for me. It feels like a real career. It feels like I belong & serve a purpose. I feel like it's going to make me a better stage manager, and that my stage management experience will make me a better employee here. 

So yeah. It's good. And i am almost SAD that it'll be a week before I can come back here! Okay, not really. I LOVE Christmas & family time. But I don't dread coming back in January, that's for sure!

So Christmas. :) We're going to be dog-sitting at my parents so they can go to Grenada for Christmas. Tonight we have just a little Christmas with Brad's immediate family. We'll just exchange gifts, the 5 of us. 

Tomorrow, we'll go back to his parent's to celebrate with his mom's side of the family for Christmas Eve. 

Christmas Day, we'll wake up & exchange gifts between the two of us. Then we'll be going to Brad's aunt's house to celebrate with his dad's side of the family. 

We won't be able to celebrate with my family until my sister & her husband are back from their honeymoon in Italy (actually they're done with that - they're now in England visiting my sister's best friend for Christmas).  So we'll actually be celebrating Christmas on New Year's Day with my side of the family. 

So exciting. 


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