Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Wish List

Yes, I know, Christmas is over. I shouldn't be posting my wish list. 

The truth is, I got some great gifts for Christmas. I love everything I got. But one thing I got? MONEY. And I'll get more when I celebrate Christmas with my immediate family on the 1st. We wanted to wait until my sister & her husband got back from their honeymoon. But mom has already said we're getting money. 

My mind is swirling with thoughts of what I want to buy with that money. 

I suppose I could be smart & put it in savings. All of it. I'm sure I could do that. But it's Christmas. It's a gift. And let's just suppose that I'm NOT going to be smart about it. Let's just suppose i decide to spend it all frivolously. Okay?

Last year I wanted a camera. That's ALL i wanted. So every cent that I got went towards that camera. In the end, I got enough money from family for Christmas to get my Canon Rebel. And i LOVE IT. :) 

This year, there is no one major thing I have to have. There are lots of smaller things. What to get?!

So here is my Wish List.

First, I thought I would consult my "wish list" board on Pinterest. Um, wow. Maybe I should have looked at the prices before I pinned these items. Custom return address stamp? $65. Really? Cute Toms? Well, they're not cheap. This umbrella? $75! And sold out! Geez.

Well, I do need a 2012 calendar. I love buying a calendar each year. It goes on the side of our fridge. 

I also NEED earrings. NEED. Badly. I seem to have a problem with coming home with one earring, instead of two. It sucks. Here are some that I love.

I also have been thinking of getting one of those iPhone dock thingies. But I don't know if you can dock the phone with the case on it. And i'm not taking the case off... thoughts?

Another option! This is a very new wish for me. I have never wanted a Wii. I have never even used one. Well, years ago at a friends we played Tennis on hers & it was a blast. That was YEARS ago. This Christmas at my husband's aunt's house, we did Just Dance 3 using his cousin's wii. And, OH MY GOSH. SUCH a fun workout! So now i'm thinking of getting a wii. If you have a wii, do you like it? Thoughts?

Wanting a wii gets me remembering a lot of talk about the Wii Fit, which might be a good thing for me. But apparently Just Dance goes with the wii & not the wii fit. Confused yet? So am i.
Speaking of fitness, how about getting those things that I have used at bootcamp so i can do them myself at home? Because right now it does not look like I'll be able to return to bootcamp for awhile. 

 And I really really like this coffee mug. :)
And this clutch. Except i just found it on Etsy & omg. Let's just say, I wouldn't spend that on a huge purse, much less a clutch!!! It's adorable, though. I love it!

I would not mind this either. I have been seeing it & loving it.
 There are also some kitchen things I'd love to have. Like a GOOD blender. Or some cute serving platters.

Hmm, I think I've gone on about this long enough... it was fun, though!

P.S. You can check out my pinterest to see any of these items.And if you are not on Pinterest & need an invite, send me your email address. Because Pinterest is wonderfulness!

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