Monday, December 12, 2011

Right up my alley.

Today was my second first day at my new job! Yay!

I say "second first day" because I actually went for two days a couple weeks ago. My official start date was not until today, because I had a previously planned trip to Pennsylvania. :) But they had me go the Monday & Tuesday of my trip so that I could sit in on the new student orientation. That was two weeks ago, though. Today I went back to officially get trained & all that good stuff. 

How did it go, you ask?

It went great! I am very excited about this job!

Today I sat with a guy named Chris all day & learned lots of stuff. It seems I will be doing a lot of different things. Every morning, we have a "huddle up" which is a quick meeting just to touch base with each other & start the day off right. Then I'll get all the deposits together (from student tuition, fees & retail from clients that come to get products or services) & make a run to the bank & the post office. 

I also learned how to look up each student to make sure they are being credited for their hours each day. They have to clock in & out, just like work, and they have to have a certain number of hours to graduate. So I have to do a lot of stuff on the computer to make sure it's all adding up correctly. 

I didn't learn much more than that today. I have lots more to learn! Probably will be shadowing Chris until Christmas! I'm serious! 

But i am THRILLED! Everyone is super nice. Creative beautiful people - I am sort of surrounded by them. It is a little bit scary. I really like everyone I've met so far - based on a quick introduction, of course. But they all seem  genuinely very sweet. And real. (I'm talking about the staff here. There are WAY too many students for any of them to have made any sort of impression on me yet.) 

I do know that the students CHEERED when i was introduced to them. My boss took me around to the different classes. And they all grinned at me. Ha. I think they think I'm going to be more lenient on them than Chris... um... not really! I have a black belt in stage management! I know how to handle the masses! (I really relate this job to stage managing. Other than actually putting on a play, it's the same. (Which is why this is the perfect fit for me!) Beauty School Students = the cast of a show.) 

I saw my office again! I sat in it. And breathed it in. Smelled so good! (That was actually probably the smell of Aveda products... & they are heavenly!) I know, I know.. I am a lucky girl!

I had been dreading going back to work. And assuming it'd be a boring job. God knows I have prayed to work for a company that does something i am interested in! That's not to say i am all hair & makeup savvy (I'm not - I put my makeup on in less than 5 minutes & I have no idea how to do anything with my hair other than wash, dry & run a flat iron through it!). It just means I am excited to work in an artsy field. I am excited to get to be surrounded by creative types. I always wanted to work in a theater....I prayed for that even, but nothing ever opened up (other than jobs I couldn't afford to take). I never thought I'd end up working for a beauty school! But how exciting! If i can't work in a theater, this is certainly the next best thing! (Or better?!)

You know what song keeps running through my head while I'm there? Just sporadically? 

I'll give you a hint. 



Haha. I really, really do. 

(And, by the way. I know I DO work in two theaters... volunteering at BRLT & my side job at the Manship. What i meant was...having a full-time job with good pay & benefits at a theater... & those are the ones that haven't been available.)

So, I mentioned before that i bought a ton of scarves, since at my new job we have to wear all black - except we can have colorful accessories. Here I am today. Yes. I take pictures of myself on my first day of work AT work.  (These pics are from my phone... just FYI.)

And I got a new notebook, too! :) Pretty!

I can't wait to bring some of my cute organizational goodies from my last job to work tomorrow! Exciting about making my office mine. :)

So that's it! Tomorrow I will go to the Ladies Christmas Party at my church! Excited! :) 

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