Friday, January 20, 2012

My Week in Photos - #1 & #2

You know how one of my new year's resolutions was to take a pic a day everyday in 2012? Well, I've been doing that. The album itself is on facebook, but I meant to post a week's worth every weekend. 

This post will catch you up. :)

{2012, so far}

Week One
January 1-7
Sunday, Jan 1: New journal I found at Barnes & Noble. A question a day for 5 years.
Monday, Jan 2: Showing off one of my new scarves! Meant for the pic to be more scarf, less face.
Tuesday, Jan 3: Back to guzzling the water. Yay! My body thanks me.
Wednesday, Jan 4: An "unwhich" from Jimmy John's! So good!
Thursday, Jan 5: Cupcakes at work that i did NOT eat. (Proud!)
Friday, Jan 6: Got to have lunch with my good friend, Danielle!
Saturday, Jan 7: Hit the lakes for a little photography lesson!

Week Two
January 8-14
Sunday, Jan 8: The classic underbite. 
Monday, Jan 9: The day of the LSU/Bama game was crazy. I didn't see a single person that day not in LSU attire. And this big flag was flying high on the boulevard where I work. We lost, though. Lots of sad people in Louisiana that evening (for the record, I don't watch football. But even i got a little infected that day.). 
Tuesday, Jan 10: I made SkinnyTaste's stuffed peppers for dinner. They're so good, y'all. And healthy.
Wednesday, Jan 11: Met my old coworkers, Tonya, Wendy & Monique, for dinner!
Thursday, Jan 12: No sleeping with us, but Fievel does get the bench at the end of the bed. He loves it!
Friday, Jan 13: I got a wii! So much fun! Just Dance 3 is awesome!
Saturday, Jan 14: Date night with Brad! 

So there you go, you're all caught up. I'll give you one of these each week!
(Try not to get too excited, now!)

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