Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good Friends + Dinner Party = {SMILE}

I've gotten a tiny bit behind in blogging.

So... December 30th. :) 

We had 3 couple-friends over for a dinner party. My friend Amanda was in town for Christmas with her husband, Matt. They live in California now so I only get to see her a few times a year, if that. Last year, we planned a small dinner party for while she was here & invited a couple of our mutual friends. I decided to do it again this year. We had a great time!

Both years I made the main course & everyone else brought drinks, appetizers or desserts. Last year, I made Pesto Chicken Lasagna, which was delish but took forever! This year, I decided to do 2 different kinds of soups. Soups are easy. I could put one in the crockpot & make one on the stove & we'd be good! And we were. They were so good!! OMG. I had already had the Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup... i can't wait to make it again. It's my favorite. And I also tried Cheeseburger Soup for the first time. It was yummy!

 Becca & Amanda. Love them so much!

 Amanda & Matt, in from Cali! Yay!

 Adam & Katie - aww. 

We played some Taboo too. Mike & Becca were cracking me up!


 I like this of the four of us... Katie, Becca, Amanda & me!

 A shot of the guys... Mike had just left because he had to work at an ungodly hour the next morning. I wish I'd gotten one before he left! Anyway... Brad, Adam & Matt

 This one cracks me up. 

 And this one might be my favorite! Ha!

These two are mommies-to-be! Katie is due in May & Amanda is due in June!

Fun Times!!!

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