Friday, January 20, 2012

Links & some answers!

I have not blogged all week. It's just been so insane at work, and other than Wednesday, I've had somewhere to go after work. I'd just come home & go straight to bed! All i wanted to do today was come home & BLOG! So, here I am. :) 

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1. Where do you hide the really good snacks?!
Um... there are no snacks here. Except fruit & there's no need to hide that! The only temptation left for me in this house is Brad's cereal, but guess what?! He loves my smoothies so much, he said he'll stop buying the cereal! This is really good because if it's a really weak moment, I really want that cereal!

2. Do you keep your vehicle clean?
My car is so gross, y'all. I'm not even kidding. I need a professional wash, stat! Honestly, i don't have a lot of STUFF in there... I can be good about bringing that stuff in the house (although right now i can't say that). But little bits of trash, grass, etc? It's gross.

3. Have you ever been to Vegas?

4. Warm room, light blankets or Cold room, warm blankets?
I like option B.

5. What is the worst flying/airplane experience you have ever had?
When i was 21, I flew to Canada to be in my friend's wedding. It was my first time flying, my first time in Canada (or up North, PERIOD), my first time being a bridesmaid, my first time singing in a wedding. All at once! I had a layover in Detroit. Keep in mind, I'm BY MYSELF! There was a layover or something on my first flight which made me miss my next flight and so I HAD TO SLEEP AT THE AIRPORT. Overnight. ALONE! They would not put us up in a hotel. And for some INSANE reason, I didn't call my dad to rescue me?! To this day i have no idea how that happened? I mean... I would have called my parents. And SURELY they would have gotten me set up in a hotel? That's what they would have done. And yet... i stayed overnight at a hotel. In detroit. Alone. The details are foggy, but that i do remember! When I arrived in Buffalo, NY, the next day where my Canadian friend was waiting for me, I was DEAD tired. It was bad. 

---Links For You---

Wanted to share some interesting reads for you! You should check these out. 

My friend Mackenzie just moved to Belgium. Yes, BELGIUM! Her hubby got transferred there for the next few years & the whole family is tagging along. She wrote this post today on how grocery shopping is so different there, and i thought it was pretty interesting! P.S. Mackenzie was my role model when i was a little teeny bopper. Also, she has the CUTEST family you've ever seen. 

I've been working on cutting sugar from my diet. I did very, very well this week. I have to learn to eat low carb/very low sugar because I want to reverse my insulin resistance. It is possible & I am learning. Anyway, I got the book Sugar Nation & it is really good so far. I also saw this article on my twitter & thought it was an interesting read. READ IT. Sugar is bad for you. I know that is not fun to hear, but honestly. Check it out.

Speaking of twitter. I'm on it. I like it. I am surprised,  because i joined in March 2009 (according to them... I don't remember) & I hated it. It was stupid. Well, I like it this time around. So if you are there, you can follow me if you like. My name there is lilmrsmarried.

This is my new favorite blog. For serious. She writes so well & she's funny & honest & everything you love in a writer. You have probably already read it by now, because i had a couple of friends post it on facebook & one friend blogged about it. But if you are a mom, read this one. I'm not a mom, but i loved it.

Ever want to be a little more blog savvy & create one of those photo collages? Smitten just did this great tutorial & I thought i would share. :)

I guess that's enough links for one day. 

Happy Friday!

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