Saturday, January 28, 2012

My week in photos - # 4

Week 4 of 2012
{January 22-28}

I am really surprised I got a photo each day this week. All with my phone. Work was insane this week, as discussed in my last post! But I managed to get pictures anyway! 

Sunday, Jan 22 - This was my view from after church until bedtime. I know. Exciting life I lead. :) 

Monday, Jan 23 - FINALLY finished receiving inventory at work... had to bring some of the boxes to my office to distribute on campus the next morning. This pretty much sums up the day: Boxes, boxes, boxes! 
Tuesday, Jan 24 - House Managing at the Manship Theatre for the Jewish Film Festival, third night in a row! Great audience!

Wed, Jan 25 - Oh, the perks of working for Aveda! Great discounts on wonderful products! Finally got my Smooth Infusion & I love it! Smells so good, too!

Thurs, Jan 26 - I finished off our new student orientation at work by distributing kits to the new students (their bag with all of their school supplies = pretty much Christmas to them!). This was the mess when we were done. I have seen more boxes this week than ever in my life. If you are ever moving & need boxes, you might want to ask me!

Fri, Jan 27 - House Managed at the Manship Theatre for Loudon Wainwright & The Punch Brothers - both EXCELLENT! This is at the end when they both did a song together. LOVED these guys!

Sat, Jan 28 - Breakfast at the in-laws this morning! Saying goodbye to Fani, their Rhodesian Ridgeback before leaving. Isn't she a beauty? They were lion hunters, did you know that? (Fani is actually missing the ridge... She's still gorgeous!)
How was your week?

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