Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some link love!

I just won a little blog award from Laura, who writes at One Step at a Time. I haven't participated in one of these in awhile, so I thought I would do it! Thanks so much, Laura, for your sweet words about me & for nominating me. ;)

Please know that if I nominate you, I really could care less if you pass the award along! I just want to give you a little well-deserved recognition! 

So basically I am supposed to nominate 5 people who have less than 200 followers. (I have a little more than that, because Laura cheated. HA!)
So here we go. Check out these blogs, y'all! 

1.) Ashley at A Treasured Legacy - Ashley is a friend from church. I actually grew up really good friends with her older sister, Kristin. I went to their house to hang out a lot over the years, especially in my teens. Her parents threw some awesome Christmas parties! Ashley lost her dad in October 2010 & she was a big-time daddy's girl. He was one of my most favorite people & it was a big shock when he went to be with Jesus. When that happened, though, Ashley ran TO Jesus instead of away from Him. She got baptized & has been drawing closer & closer to Him everyday. I am so proud of this girl & I know her daddy would be (is!), too! She is now blogging what God is showing her, along with some culinary creations & other stuff. She's joining me in the Made to Crave Bible Study as well. Her blog is brand new & not exactly how she wants it to look yet, but she deserves some recognition already! So, go give her a little support, will ya?! :) 

2.) Patti at Emersyn & Everett, Our Biggest Little Blessings - Patti is a blogger I've been talking to for quite awhile now & one of those i REALLY need to meet in person. I love her. She has two ADORABLE kiddos & she is REAL. I love reading her blog. You should definitely check her out & her cutie pies!

3.) Laura at A Hearty Overflow - Laura is one of my very best friends in the whole wide world. We have been blog friends for 5 years now & I finally went to meet her in December. She is real & honest & writes about important things. She writes about things that matter. I love reading her blog, whether it's about her adorable kids, her crochet projects, her photography, or what she is learning from God. She is just very genuine & honest, she is not afraid to speak the truth in love. LOVE THIS GIRL & you will too. So check her out! 

4.) Emily at Thoughts - Emily is one of my favorite bloggers. She is actually a real life friend of mine from the theater. I'm so glad she is a blogger now, too! She's taking a very short break (Short break, Emily. Right?), but she will be back soon. You need to give her some love. She's been going through a rough time & needs hugs! I love reading what she has to say, too. She's adorable. And my future babysitter. So be nice to her! Haha!

5.) Katie at The Amazing in the Ordinary - I LOVE HER. Love reading her thought-provoking posts. She is a godly woman & she knows who she is. She's also pretty funny. The things she says are so relatable, she sometimes cracks me up. :) Another one I must meet in person!

6.) (I cheated. 6. So sue me.) Kimberly at A Fresh Perspective - I got to meet Kim when I got to meet Laura! Kim & Laura are real life friends. I love Kim. She is mainly a photography blogger. You must go see her photos because they are pretty fantastic!

YAY. I'm glad I did this! It gave me an excuse to show off some wonderful bloggers! Please go check them out!

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