Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stress = tears.

This week = INSANITY.

I've been stressed to the max. I won't go into the details of WHY, but yeah. This girl needs a massage. A glass of wine. And LOTS of prayer. I mean it.

I'm making it, though! And after tomorrow, I should be good to go!

Part of this was poor planning on my part. I scheduled myself to work at the Manship the same week as new student orientation. Orientation won't be a big deal in the future, but this is my first time. Not to mention other first-time assignments I've also been given to accomplish this week. To be honest with you, it's not a one person job. At all. But I'm making it!

I've cried everyday at work so far this week. It's what I do when I'm under stress. In fact, I've realized that tears flow for me more because I'm under too much stress or because I'm very sick, and less because I'm sad or angry. Isn't that strange? I've had 2 girls cry in my office at work this week & apologize for it, and both times I was able to say, "It's okay... I've already cried today. It's that kind of week!" It makes them feel better, at least.

My week looks like this: 
Monday: Work 8-5. End up working on a project at work until 5:30, when I'm supposed to be at the Manship Theater at 5:45. Try to load 3 boxes on a dolly & the top one falls over & a huge glass bottle of massage oil crashes to the ground. NICE. Made it to my second job late. Work till 10, home by 10:30. Straight to bed.

Tuesday: Work 8-5. Work till 5:30 AGAIN because i can't leave until certain things are done. Late to Manship AGAIN. Work till 9:30, home by 10. Straight to bed.

Wednesday: Work 8-5. I can't tell you if today was worse or better than Monday. It's a toss-up. My presentation to the new students for their orientation went well. YAY. :) Left work at 5:15 & went HOME. Home sweet home. 

Thursday (tomorrow): Work 8-8. Tomorrow is the second day of orientation & my presentation for them is the last thing on the agenda - from 5-8. Once that's done, I can go home.

Friday: Work 8-5 (hopefully!). Manship at 6:15. Probably will get home around 11. 


So that's my week. Hopefully i survive tomorrow's presentation (kinda nervous about it, because I have not been able to prepare yet!). Pray for me between 5 & 8, if you think about it.

Please know i am not complaining. I still love my job. It's just a tough week & I knew it would be going into it. I will make it! And after this week, things will be better. 

Time for bed.... Night!

P.S. I have some important decisions to make regarding my second jobs & if they are a good thing for me at this point... I could use some prayers in that area as well. 


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