Tuesday, January 3, 2012


How do you read your blogs? By checking your "reading list" right here in blogger? Or from Google Reader? Or somewhere else? 

All this time I've been going to blogger & checking my reading list. It seemed to work for me & I was put off with the way the reader doesn't allow you to see the actual blog. Actual blogs are prettier. So i just kept going to my reading list. The problem with that is that you sometimes miss some. It only shows the blogger blogs i read, not the ones from my friends at wordpress or somewhere else. So i'd bookmark them, but sometimes forget to check. 

I like the idea of Google Reader, but couldn't ever get it organized & besides, I wanted to see the ACTUAL post. All of this to say... if you know what I mean (or even if you don't & have been happy with your google reader all along), go read this post. Now. Thank you.

Seriously. Laura sent me the link awhile back, I followed the directions & OH MY GOSH! I have been in blog reading heaven ever since. It's changed my blogging life, i tell ya! For real!

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