Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be mine.

I like Valentine's Day. 

I don't NEED Valentine's Day. Brad doesn't need it, either. He shows his love for me daily. And I do the same. We love each other & we are beyond thankful for each other. My marriage has only gotten stronger since it first began. And we love being together! 

Valentine's Day, for us, is just a day to do a little bit more to express our love & appreciation for each other. Or maybe just to have a little more quality time together on that day. Sure, we love each other all year long, but it's still fun to have a valentine. And after many years without a prospect in sight, you better believe I'm going to participate in Valentine's Day when I finally have a valentine! I mean, seriously! ;)

And I know flowers are cheesy, overrated, WHATEVER. Who cares? I LOVE flowers & i don't get them that often. Do i wish he had gotten them for me on February 15th just because it's NOT valentine's day & that means more? NOPE. It means just as much to me on February 14th as it would on the 15th. I love flowers. I don't care when i get them. 

ANYWAY. He got me flowers & they are GORGEOUS!

{iphone pics}

These beautiful flowers were delivered to me at work. And i love them!
1) He's never had flowers delivered to me at work.
2) It brightened my otherwise kinda crazy/stressful day!
3) It brightened up my office!
4) They smell SOOO GOOD! & They are GORGEOUS!

We both had work all day, and didn't feel like going to dinner. But we did order to-go food from one of our favorite restaurants. I got fish topped with crawfish etoufee. YUM! (Louisiana food that you need to try!) Brad got the fried shrimp platter. We ate it at home in our pj's after work while watching Downton Abbey. 

Speaking of that show, I am hooked. I'd heard people mention it & then randomly saw it on Netflix. I'm now about to start episode 7 of the first season. But last night we watched the first two episodes together, since Brad hadn't seen it before. He really liked it! Such a good show! 

So yeah. It was low key. But it was a good evening together. Are you wondering if I got him anything? Well, i made a stop at Baskin Robbins & got him his favorite: Mint Chocolate Chip. And a card. TRUST ME. There is nothing better I could have gotten him! Haha!

Also on Valentine's Day, our students did a Staff Appreciation thing. It was so sweet & SO MUCH WORK went into it, y'all! And money! Seriously... we do have some great students. 

First of all, i LOVE coffee mugs. I'm starting to want to collect cute/fun ones. And I love the big handle. I also love the hershey's hugs that it's full of - i may have to give those to my husband!! 

So, it was a good Valentine's Day! Yay! I hope you had one too! And i hope that you felt LOVED all day long! Because Valentine's Day isn't just about the men in our lives! It's about those that love us... parents, sisters, in-laws, girlfriends, whoever! We are so blessed to have people who love & care about us! 

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! 


P.S. Dear singles, I really do understand why valentine's day sucks for some of you! If you don't believe me, read my love story as I touch on singleness there. Just hang in there. :) Also, this should make you feel better! :)

HA! A chic i work with posted this on her facebook & I laughed SO HARD! Even though I am guilty!

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