Monday, February 13, 2012

Funny story, actually.

So, Saturday was pretty fantastic. Woke up in a great mood, had some time to get ready at my leisure (so much better than rushing around to get ready for work!) & then headed to a baby shower for my friend Sarah. Some of you may remember how I took bootcamp classes last year. Well, Sarah was our personal trainer. She is now due with a baby girl.

Funny story, though. Actually... REALLY funny story. I wish I could tell it to you all in person, because it's a lot funnier that way! But here we go.

I used my mapquest app on my phone to get to the house. I knew where the neighborhood was, just not the particular street. Once I got to her street, I put my phone away. I saw a whole lot of cars on the right side of the street & two or three on the left side. I saw two ladies get out of their car with gift bags & head to a house on my right. So, naturally, I parked myself in the same row of cars & headed to the same house.

Now, it was about 11:10 am & the shower was to start at 11. So nobody was outside. The ladies I'd seen were already in. At the last minute, I glanced up at the address on the house & thought "I'd better check to make sure I have the right place!" but then I realized I was only bringing my camera bag in & the address was on the invitation in the car. I shrugged, said "oh-well" & went on in. After all, there wouldn't be TWO baby showers at 11 o'clock in the morning on the same Saturday right across the street from each other would there???

Yeah... so i slipped in the house (here, you just go on in, it's fine because you're all welcome & the hostess is probably tied up. Besides, it was a glass door so i could see everyone anyway). I walk into a living room full of women about my age. I didn't see anyone I recognized but i didn't think anything of it. I thought maybe it was a bunch of new bootcampers that I hadn't met yet. A couple of them looked at me & smiled. Everyone is assuming I am just a friend of the pregnant woman!

Then, i head to the kitchen & I think at some point I start to realize subconsciously that this is not the house. I'm seeing blue streamers & balloons & a whole lot of faces I've never seen before. In the kitchen there were three older ladies (about my mom's age) & one of them came up to me & said,

"Hi, I'm Katie's mom! She's in the living room... I know it's crazy, lots of people in there, just look for the pregnant one!"

I nodded & smiled & turned towards the living room...then stopped in my tracks, turned back to the woman & said (very quietly!), "I'm sorry... what did you say her name was?"


She gave me a funny look & said, "Um, Katie?"

And then I said real fast, "I think I'm at the wrong shower, I gotta go!"


Y'all! I laugh just THINKING about this! She kept cracking up laughing, too! I am sure once i was gone the whole house knew! HILARIOUS!

She burst out laughing & said, "Well, who are you?!" or I forget how she said it but she was joking with me & basically saying, "who is this stranger in my HOUSE?!"

I said, "I'm so sorry, I have a baby shower on this street & I saw all the cars & assumed..."

She said, "Well, who are you looking for, maybe i can help."

I told her Sarah's name. Blank look. I told her the girl's name who was hosting. Blank look. I finally said (as other women are catching on & coming closer!), "The address is in my car, I'll find it, I gotta go!!!!"


It was SO FUNNY!

I leave & pull out my phone (if only i'd checked that before i went in!) & see the address... it's right across the street! Right next door to the house DIRECTLY across the street! OH MY GOSH!

I went over there & had the best story!

SO there ya go. How i went to the wrong baby shower! Thankfully I found the right one!

Oh, yes. I did. I walked into the wrong baby shower. I straight up walked into someone else's HOUSE!

And, P.S. I wasn't that embarrassed. I just thought it was hysterical. I'm so glad it happened the way it did, though, if it HAD to happen! What would have made me just want to crawl in a hole & DIE is if i'd walked in when the girl was opening gifts or something b/c then the ENTIRE room would have looked at me! And the pregnant girl would have had NO IDEA who i was! HA!

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