Monday, February 13, 2012

My week in pictures - #6

Well, here is last week's pictures from Sunday - Saturday! Enjoy!

Picasa is not cooperating with me to make this collage! I have put the days on each picture twice now, I'm not doing it again! So. Here we go...

Sunday, Feb 5 (top left) - Photography Practice Downtown. Just a shot of the old governor's mansion.
Monday, Feb 6 (top right) - Some bracelets came in from Jillry. LOVE! You're missing out if you are not a fan of Jillry!
Tuesday, Feb 7 (2nd row, left) - House Managed for Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana at the Manship! Wish I'd gotten a better picture. AMAZING dancers!
Wednesday, Feb 8 (2nd row, right) - Photography practice on Fievel.
Thursday, Feb 9 (3rd row, left) - Dinner at old coworkers at Wendy's house! Monique, Wendy & Tonya!
Friday, Feb 10 (3rd row, right) - Fievel :)
Saturday, Feb 11 (bottom left & right) - Cake from Megan's Gender Reveal & a spontaneous dinner with Adam & Katie! :)

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