Saturday, February 4, 2012

One word for you: WEEKEND!

So, I made it through another week & am home for a break! 

Although, not really, because I actually had to bring work home with me. Something I've never done before & something I swore I would never do. Well, I've always wanted to be a teacher & here I am bringing grades home to input into the system for report cards next week! So, there ya go!

I am still hopeful that things will calm down a bit. Not sure how certain I am that this will actually happen, though. The jury is still out on that! But i have had some help this week & hopefully things will sink in. I am beginning to think it is no coincidence that the daiquiri place is right next door: "Home of the Attitude Adjustment" is their motto. Hmm. I might one day find myself there on my way home! Oh, yeah, except for the sugar. DANGIT! (Is it sad that i don't care about the alcohol, that it's the sugar i'm afraid of!? Well, it is. I don't get drunk. I've never even been tipsy. Sugar, however. Well, i have definitely been what they call, "chocolate wasted". It's not pretty.) 

On Tuesday (or was it Wednesday? It's all a blur!), the students did Staff Appreciation. It was cute. They put streamers & balloons all over the ceiling & posters lined the walls with our names on each one with a balloon on top.

 Awww :) Every staff member had one of these & the students were going around signing them. :)

 And here is the staff! Not the best pic, but it gives you an idea! I like these people!

I worked very, VERY hard this week & hopefully will get some more done this weekend. One day i will catch up? :) 

* * * * * 

...in other news...

* * * * *

My husband is sick as a DOG...as i write this he is coughing up a lung. Ha. Sorry for the bad visual, but I'm just saying. He's SICK. Please pray that i do not get whatever-it-is, because there is no way i can miss work. Maybe ever. HA! (Still overwhelmed, if you can't tell!) And please pray that he feels back to his old self again soon. He's pretty miserable. He also had a root canal this week. Fun times!

* * * * * 
On Thursday, I worked as a backstage rep at the Manship Theater for the Hot 8 Brass Band. This is what you call NEW ORLEANS JAZZ. For real, y'all! I loved it. They were FANTASTIC. Video'ing was not allowed, but I got special privileges. I hope they don't mind me posting this. Honestly, though, it's like 5 seconds at the end of two songs. I am sad that's all i got! I thought i got more, but realized i didn't actually press the record button. Ha! So anyway, this should be fine since it's only a tiny snippet!

Good times!

* * * * *
Other Randoms...

Here is a cool site about seeing your blog stats.  I know you can do this right here on blogger, but this way might be cooler. We'll see.

And here is a funny blog post by E at E, Myself & I. This girl cracks me up. If your guy needs a cheat sheet in this area, feel free to pass it along. Ha!

-Things I would like to get done this weekend-
1.) clean the kitchen
2.) do all laundry!
3.) clean the bathrooms! (my house is a wreck, can you tell?!)
4.) begin Operation Organization! Starting with our closet & under our bed! (Scary.)
5.) Do some practice photography! 
6.) JUST DANCE on the wii!
7.) Enter all grades.

The ones in bold are the ones that actually will happen. The other ones are not likely!

What are your weekend plans?

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