Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday, Part 1: Sarah's baby shower

Saturday was a great day! Had a really good time! 

I got up & dressed at my leisure (which I just love!), then headed to my friend Sarah's baby shower. Once I got to the right place (HAHA...read my last post to understand!), I had a great time mingling with my old bootcamp class. Y'all. I want to go back to bootcamp SO BAD! I pray we can move to Central this year so i can make it happen! It's just not feasible right now with my work schedule & location!

Anyway. The shower was great. I won the "name that baby food" game. I only got three right, though! Peas, Prunes & Squash! I missed Pears, Turkey & Mango!

They had great food there, and I thought it was so cute that someone made sausage biscuits! That has been Sarah's main craving!

Sarah got lots of great gifts, including an awesome stroller! Um, i would love this stroller when I have a bebe!

We had a great time!

 Sarah with her mom (in orange) & mother-in-law) (in blue!)

 2 girls from my bootcamp class, Mindy & Melissa


 This day I found that I'd hit the 25 pounds lost mark. I can see it in this picture. :) I will have to get out more to compare. :) Just some bootcamp ladies! 

Ashlie & Sarah! Ashlie is now another Body BaYou trainer. She's the one that got me to start going last year. Love both of these ladies! :)

FUN TIMES! Can't wait to meet Sarah's Baby Girl! One thing is for sure! She's going to be GORGEOUS!

P.S. I just want to say that all pics were done in manual, not auto. I see a lot of room for improvement but I also see a lot of improvement!! :) Yay, me!

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