Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Lovin...

Just thought I'd share what I'm loving this week! :) 

I'm loving that we were off yesterday for Mardi Gras! So today felt like Monday, but tomorrow is Thursday! How great is that?! Almost the weekend, again!

I'm loving that this weekend, I get to meet my blogger friend, Linds. :) 

I'm loving that things have calmed down somewhat at my new job & i'm able to take the time to BREATHE & catch up on work that I should have gotten done when i was wayyyy too overwhelmed & stressed out! (I did get things done then. I just neglected other things due to not wanting to spend the night there! Ha!)

I'm loving that a new gym has opened up in a good location for me that is ONLY 10 or 20 bucks a month! That is the greatest deal ever! Seriously. I say 10 or 20 b/c you can do 10/month to just workout or you can do 20/month to workout plus have a lot of other benefits (such as unlimited time in a massage chair, bring a friend for free everyday, or half off drinks). Both include unlimited personal training. Y'all. That is unheard of! This is Planet Fitness, in case you're wondering... do any of you have a Planet Fitness? Do you like it? I'm considering joining with that price that can't be beat! I mean, i spend $10 on lunch sometimes! I can save that & hit the gym each day after work! I've been missing Zumba & Bootcamp so much & it's always been good for me to workout on my way home. This would be a good alternative until we one day move in the same area as those classes i used to take! 

I'm loving my husband. I mean, seriously. He is so funny & fun to be with & handsome & kind.
 (He looks so much like his cousin Chad in this picture, it's kind of freaking me out a little bit.)

I'm loving Aveda products! There are some definite perks to working there!
 I get the Smooth Infusion, because my hair has always been what I call "fluffy" & it's also always had little frizzies that annoy me... much better since using this product, I'm not even lying! And it smells sooo good!

I'm loving that the "You Version" app on my phone has me reading the Bible daily. Sad that i needed a phone to help me with that, but hey, whatever works, right?

I'm loving bloggers that are true to who they are & that don't have ads on their blogs! Like this one! (No offense if you have ads, it's just that it sometimes takes forever for your page to load & i also don't love ads popping up on the screen while I'm trying to start reading your blog! Just my preference! :))

I'm loving Laura's new series on Sugar. READ IT!

I'm lovin this show. Downton Abbey. Except we're done watching now & Season 3 won't hit the US until this time next year. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? if you haven't seen Downton Abbey, you should start. Today. For real. 
John & Anna. {sigh!}

I'm loving everything you see on my Pinterest wish list board. And my birthday is next Friday. Just so ya know. ;) (I kid, i kid!)

Well, now. That was a very random list, wasn't it?! But there ya go. What I'm lovin today & everyday, lately! What are you lovin???

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