Saturday, March 17, 2012

At the office...

So much to say! So much to say!

Other than a few recipe posts here or there, I think most of my posts have been about the mountain of STRESS in my life these days. However, I am very pleased to announce that work has gotten SO MUCH BETTER over the last two weeks. This is very good news as I was just about ready to throw in the towel. 

I looked like this...
This is me going, "I seriously cannot add another thing to my to-do list, okay?!?!"

I think I made this face way too often...scary.

Actually, it's this. THIS WAS ME. 

Was me. Past tense. No more. Have had two good weeks now! YAY!

Yesterday I told a coworker that it was my 9th good day in a row there. Because last Monday & before that? Awful. Migraines. Tears. Panic Attacks? Quite possibly a nervous breakdown. Geez Louise. 

I am not saying that things will be perfect from here on out. There will be days I work through lunch or that I work till 7. I did that this week, in fact. But it still was a good week! Those things will happen, but it won't be a DAILY thing like it was for awhile there! I'll have bad days like you have at any other job. But not to the point where i just don't know if I can do it anymore!

Someone asked me what changed. Well, it's a combination of events all occurring right around the same time...

1-I got a better handle on some things that I didn't understand before.

2-I caught up on some things that were holding me back. You know how when you're behind, you just keep getting MORE behind because new things keep adding to the pile? Well, I got caught up enough to where I can take some of these things as they come. 

4-I'm not making so many mistakes. Refer to #1.

5-When i do make mistakes, i catch it & know how to fix it.

6-I came to an understanding about the people there who didn't (don't) like me. The understanding goes like this: "It's not me, it's you." Um... I don't know how to say it any other way. I thought that if i just proved myself we'd be BFF's, but such is not the case. Fact is, I am doing a GREAT job & they are just making too many (incorrect) assumptions about how I am handling my job... a job that they really don't know anything about! I'm not trying to be mean here, just honest. I am thankful for this realization, because it has been QUITE freeing. I never stood a chance with them, and that's okay. Not my problem.

7-PRAYER! And lots of it! Pitiful, teary prayers, but still.

I also bought myself some cute office supplies. Which made me a little more organized. And my office a little more fun. Always a necessity in any cubicle-sized office. :)

So work has gotten better. And i am a much happier camper. 

And I have to tell you that I firmly believe that the main reason things have improved is because of YOUR prayers. Friends have been praying for me & i have felt those prayers. I can't describe it but some of you will understand what I mean. I have felt your prayers strengthening me. And I feel like God listened & came through for me. He is GOOD! So thanks to those who have prayed for me! Or sent me words of encouragement & love. You people rock my socks off. 

*pics from we heart it, google images & my computer. ;)

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