Saturday, March 3, 2012

A birthday dinner!

Yesterday was my birthday! I am 34. I usually don't care about age. I think aging is a beautiful thing! However, this one was a little bit harder for me to swallow! I'm fine with it today & I was yesterday, but the week or so leading up to my birthday? Well, it's just been a tough week, I guess. Going through some stuff! But I have realized how incredibly blessed I am when it comes to the people in my life! I have the sweetest husband, family on both sides who love me unconditionally, and TONS of TRUE friends! Not everyone can say that! So I am thankful. Very thankful indeed. :)

I had a very productive work day yesterday & was able to leave on time! (I was determined - it was my birthday, after all!). We decided to meet some good friends at Chimes East for my birthday. If you are ever in Louisiana & want to try some good Louisiana food, come to the Chimes in Baton Rouge. There are two locations & it's some GOOD Louisiana food (they have "normal" things too, don't worry! But lots of really good cajun food, too! It's a good place to try it out!). 

I got the Crawfish Etouffee (ay-too-fay). This is one of my favorite dishes. I got it last year on my birthday & I got it this year, too! Didn't have it in between though. And it's served over rice, something I'm not supposed to have. But hey! It's my birthday! (I will also be having pasta tonight. But only because I have been craving spaghetti for weeks! Just this weekend, I really do promise!). This was the best Crawfish Etouffee I have ever had. I told the waitress to tell the chef! Haha.

Crawfish Etouffee from Chimes East

Three of my theater friends came & I am so glad I got to hang out with them for a bit. 

 Emily, Davis & Robert

Two of our couple-friends that we know through church also came. Been friends with them for a long time!

Brad & Mel, Mike & Becca, Adam & Katie!

We waited forEVER for a table. (But it was worth it!) We had fun while waiting, though! Becca brought me a silly birthday crown. And yes. I put it on. I have no shame. 

I really appreciate that Davis didn't mind taking some pics. Not that I gave him a choice! (Haha...kidding!) He always gets good shots! This one is my favorite of the night. :)

He took these, too. Thanks, Davis!

 Kind of scary, I know. Haha! I love his face, though!

We had a great night! Afterwards we went to Barnes & Noble (just the two of us) & I got the book I've Got Your Number, by Sophie Kinsella. A birthday gift to me from my bestie Laura. She knew just what I needed! Thanks, Laura! 

Tonight: Birthday dinner with the family! 

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