Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday weekend!

My heart feels full to overflowing right now, mainly because of all the comments i received (here & on facebook & through email) after my last post. More to come on that subject, but I love you people!

So Friday was my birthday. Friday night I had dinner at Chimes East with several good friends of mine. It was fun! I found out that two of those people got engaged last night! Becca & Mike! I am so excited for them!

 Aren't they so cute?! She deserves a wonderful man who will love her & treat her like the treasure she is - & Mike will do that, I know. He knows what he has in Becca! He is such a good guy with a heart of gold. I am just so excited for them! 

Anyway. Back to my birthday details. Haha!

Becca got me this beautiful fleur-de-lis trivet for my birthday. I love it. 

Saturday I pretty much did NOTHING but hang out on the couch all day, except for the 2 hour nap in my bed. But Saturday night, I met my parents & in-laws at Carraba's for birthday dinner, part two! I had spaghetti because I have been CRAVING it for WEEKS! Which is odd, I never crave pasta. Anyway, it hit the spot! We decided on dessert at Coffee Call. And yes, I did have some hot chocolate & beignets (ben-yays) for my birthday dessert! SO DELICIOUS! (Back to no sweets again now, i promise!)

For my birthday, I got $25 to itunes (from brad), $100 (from my parents), $30 (from my sis & mike), $20 in Mary Kay stuff (from my sis-in-law) & $30 gift card to CATO, a clothing store here that I love (from my in-laws). YAY!

It was a great weekend. But  now it's all over & I must get back to work tomorrow! This week, I will - 

-Be successful in all that i do & am asked to do at work!
-Say no to sugar & bad carbs!
-Start working out at Planet Fitness!
-Have lunch with my good friend, Ashley!
-Go meet with the director at BRLT.
-Write love notes to friends. (I've been writing a note-a-day during Lent.)
-Possibly have dinner with my friends Mary & Tonya.
-Go see A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum at BRLT!
-Bring dinner to a very pregnant friend with very swollen feet!

So that's my week! Hope you all have a great one, too!

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