Saturday, March 31, 2012

Embrace your Freedom! {a giveaway}

Last year I went to a women's conference here in Baton Rouge. Kari Jobe led us in praise & worship, and Susie Larson was the guest speaker. 

It was fantastic. 

I can't believe that was August. I bought one of her books then, with the intention of giving it away on my blog. But I wanted to read it first. Don't worry, I didn't read the one I am giving away. It is still in perfect condition! (It's okay if you give away books you read... it's just that I'm not easy on my books...haha!) I FINALLY got around to reading her book on my kindle. It was a great book. 

Here's a little synopsis from Susie's website: "How do we move past our fears and the lies that keep us bound to our past? And are we really called to change the world? This message will challenge you to face down your fears, confront your insecurities, and encourage you to step out into God’s grander purpose for your life! It’s time we stop accommodating our insecurities and making rules around our fears. We possess all in Christ and He has made it possible for us to live with courage, boldness, and faith." 

Susie has been through some stuff, y'all. She has been abused, rejected & later had serious health problems. But it's through these situations that she found freedom in Christ. Her tiny stature shouldn't fool anyone - she is full of boldness from our Lord! I love her!

Here are some quotes from the book that I really liked: 

"True inner freedom hinges completely on our belief system. Our past doesn't determine our future, but what we tell ourselves about that past does... How we think about what we've done - and what's been done to us - will either lead us on the path to freedom or on the road to destruction."

"What we believe in this life directly affects how we live. That's why freedom matters so much. And freedom is possible in every season, every scenario, and every situation."

"I'm really irked when believers say, "In light of all the world's suffering, I'm not going to bother God with my little troubles..." Let me finish that sentence: "...so I'll keep walking through life with my head down, defeated in everything I do. I don't need to be free. I'll just be the martyr." Which, incidentally, trivializes true martyrdom. The problem with this martyr mentality is that it's a mindset of unbelief."

"If in our captivity we believe in God's word & His goodness, and if we refuse attitudes of entitlement and bitterness, then in a little while the Enemy will be pushed off our land. We'll look carefully for the place he once occupied, but he will not be there. Moreover, in that very place of loss and defeat, we'll enjoy an abundance of peace." (This one means so much to me right now.) 

Good stuff, huh? 

Susie's heart is in the issue of human trafficking, so she speaks a bit about that in every chapter, telling stories of those she knows who have been freed from that horrible life. She also includes a prayer & study questions at the end of each chapter.

If you would like this book, leave a comment below. You can tell me your favorite author or book or Bible Verse. Or just say "pick me!". ;) 

You do not have to have a blog to enter. Just make sure to include your email in the comment or check back to see if you won! 

I will pick a winner Friday evening (April 6th).

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  1. I've heard of her before... I bet her testimonial is inspiring! By the way... How awesome is Kari Jobe? So glad work went well with orientation! I'm gonna hurt those two students who gave you "B"s . They are crazy!


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