Friday, March 30, 2012

Orientation Week!

Haven't blogged in awhile, sorry about that!

You know how i said I have certain weeks at Aveda? Orientation week, Report card week, Order week, etc? Well, this week is Orientation Week! My feet were throbbing last night from being on my feet for so long, but I am happy! It went very very well! 

We have orientation for the new students the last week every other month. I have to order a ton of stuff for it & one of the important items didn't come in until TODAY. The company shipped everything but their messenger bags. These are very important as we stuff them with their text books, highlighters & some of their cosmetology supplies. I couldn't give them that stuff with nothing to put them in! Anyway, it was an oversight on the company's part. They were super apologetic & got it fed-ex'd to me in time for orientation. THANK THE GOOD LORD! I got them today around noon, and my coworker Michelle helped me stuff them & I was good to go! Whew!

Let's back up! 

Orientation began on Wednesday morning at 8:30 AM. The staff had a meet & greet with them first thing & then they had different sessions all day long with different staff members. On Wednesday, I had a session with them from 2:30-3:30. It went very very well. Last time i had my coworker, Vince, with me in case they asked me questions i couldn't answer since I was brand new then. This time i was on my own & it went perfectly! Better than last time because I could expound on everything. Unfortunately, I have to give them the things they NEED to know but probably don't WANT to know - everything there is to know about how they can avoid getting on probation, what makes up their GPA for report cards, how to take a leave of absence, how if they forget to clock out they do not get those hours! How they can only miss a certain number of days per month, How they will be sent home if they are 1 minute late to school! (True story.) All that good stuff! Haha!

 Beautiful new students!

 This class is an EXCELLENT GROUP! To be honest, they aren't always. One particular class is full of people with strong personalities. It's the craziest thing, and it's not good, if you want to know the truth! But this class seems like a really good mix. Of course, they will be split up, because some are on a MWF schedule & some on a TTS one. Anyway, I'm very excited about them joining us. I have been bragging on them to other staff members, so i hope & pray they don't make a liar out of me!

Maya & Devon

We get graded by the students on our presentations & I got an A from everyone except maybe 2 people who gave me a B. Last time i got a few C's, so i guess I've improved! 

One person wrote by mine, "Sooo NICE!" :) They always only write comments about Jamie because she is AMAZING & cheerful & awesome, but this time I got my own little comment. HA!

So that was Wednesday. Thursday, my presentation is their last part of orientation. I have to take a picture of each of them for their badges. Last time I used Aveda's camera which is a brand I've never even heard of. This time, I brought my own. I took pics of them outside in manual mode. Yes, indeed. I edited them tonight & they turned out nice. It's silly to be so proud, because it's just for their badges, but it was fun. ;)

 Devon (such a ham!) & Melissa

I went around guessing their names looking at my roster. Like... "you must be Taylor. You're totally a Taylor. No? Okay, Nicole. You're definitely Nicole. NO? SERIOUSLY? Omg... Morgan? YES! Morgan! I GOT IT!" They were CRACKING UP. I used to always say I am good with names. The other day a student said, "You're not good with names are you?" & i said, "I AM! It's just too hard to learn so many at once!" But later i decided maybe she was right. I've always been good with names, but now it's been 3 full months & I STILL say to students, "What's your name?" It's getting embarrassing, I tell you! Sometimes I sneak a peek at their badge so i don't have to ask! Other times, their badge is flipped over & I have to go ahead & ask them. Ha! Oh-well.

ANYWAY... They were laughing at me saying I wasn't getting any of them right. But i did get Maya right! She was SO a Maya! ;)

After the badges, I have to make them sign 5 papers. 

Then they have to get in a line & pick up a tripod, their messenger bag & their wheeled duffle bag. 

Then they sit in a chair with a box in front of them (which i set out during their dinner break). We go through each item in their box & check it off of their checklist. These are called their KITS. They pay for it with their tuition. It includes EVERYTHING they need for cosmetology school. They get SO EXCITED. Someone always says, "It's Christmas!!!" ;)

 This is what you call: Organized Chaos

It's pretty crazy but it goes well. This was my second one & I felt like it went great. Last time i made the mistake of letting everyone go & then i cleaned up the mess left behind. NOT THIS TIME! I made them help me. :) But some finished early & helped as the others were still going through their kits. 

Lastly, I have them fill out the feedback survey (where i got my A's!). 

It was easy & fun & they had a great time. 

If I sound excited, it's because I am. I have always loved new people. Growing up, i loved a new classmate. I was just interested in their life. And wanted to be their BFF. Unfortunately, i was pretty shy, too, so sometimes I'd never act on those feelings! In church, i'd see a new family & get so excited but be too shy to introduce myself! I later had to get past that because new people need to feel welcome! 

Now, when a new face shows up to audition or to volunteer backstage at the theater... I LOVE THAT. I love to show people the ropes. And in all of my past places of employment, i've loved training people. So it's no surprise that i also love new students. Fresh faces. They're excited. It's pretty cool. 

So orientation went well! 2 down.... 490303 to go! Ha! 

I am loving my job these days. Thank you, LORD! 


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