Saturday, March 10, 2012

T.G.I.F. (For REAL.)

Oh my word. So glad it is the weekend. It was not a bad week. I survived. I cried...once? Maybe twice? Last Thursday & this Monday were BAD. Thursday was that meltdown I told y'all about; Monday, I literally cried myself to sleep. But Tuesday & Wednesday were good. I guess God knew I couldn't take another bad day! Thursday & Friday had their moments of that total overwhelming I-can't-do-this feeling, but both were quickly resolved. Whew! Thanks, Lord!

I'm already nervous about next week... It's order week where i focus on orders for the company - all products needed - it's a lot to remember & we're implementing a new way of ordering. So just pray for me that it goes smoothly & that everything we need gets ordered & comes in! Seriously! Haha! Sounds like a silly prayer, but the more that happens, the less stress! :) I have to order lots of products from 4 different companies the 2nd week of each month. And then every other month is orientation for new students, and that is another 4 companies i have to order from! Well, orientation is the end of this month. So i ordered stuff for that this afternoon. Monday or Tuesday I order everything else. Help! 

But I do feel like I'm starting to "get it". There is just SO MUCH to remember and it is a lot. VERY overwhelming, stressful, and yeah... I kind of want to vomit sometimes. But i realized today i am learning. I'm remembering. I even finally have most of the student's names & faces put together now! (I've always been good w/ names, but 160 at once is a lot!) And it's not like I teach them, I just see them if i need them to sign something or to pick up a report card!

So this was report card week & that went smoothly. 
Next week order week.
The week after that will be catch-up on things week! YAY!
And then is orientation week.

I am so thankful for the weekend. Tomorrow I am working at the Manship. I had put in my notice because i couldn't do it anymore with the new job, but then someone else quit without giving notice. So they had to cover tons of March shows. I told them I'd help if i could, so now i am working this Saturday night & next Friday. That's all i could do. So tomorrow is free (although i need to get out & do some grocery shopping & run a few errands) until 5:00 when i have to work. Sunday, I have a baby shower... again. ;) YAY!

It's 1:00 AM. Wow. Must go to bed. 

Happy weekend!

P.S. Some of you have sent such encouragement to me through email, the blog & even a little snail mail. Thank you. You are all awesome. XOXO

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