Sunday, April 22, 2012

Amanda's Baby Shower

Yesterday was my friend Amanda's shower! Everything went so well. It was my first time helping to host a baby shower, and I had a great time! Love Amanda & the other hostesses! It was also fun seeing some friends I hadn't seen in awhile! 

That cake was the best cake I've had... in... a long time?! Yes, I did have a piece. It was carrot cake & it was SO AMAZING! The quilt in the top picture is something Amanda MADE for Baby Judah! She has become all crafty since getting married! ;) The rest is just the food & decor for the shower, everything was yellow & gray, like Judah's room. It was cute! 

 I finally got to meet my friend Heather's baby, little Brock! He is a CUTIE PIE!

 I also got to meet my friend Candice's baby Kinley. She is a doll & certainly knows how to smile for the camera! 

I had a great time visiting with Cherish at the shower. She even showed me a few things my camera could do! (She is an amazing & experienced photographer!)

Pics above are of Amanda & her friends and family. The top left picture is with her mom; top right is with her sister-in-law, Jennifer, who is also having a baby boy; below that is with Victoria (I kind of freaked out when i saw her... last time i saw her she was about 4 or 5! She's 11 now!); bottom right is me & Becca with Amanda - love these girls! And bottom left is Amanda with Angela, her other sister-in-law who is also pregnant! The shower was at her house & it was just beautiful.

Amanda with all the hostesses: Me, Jennifer, Kacie, Katie, Becca, Brandi, Angela, & Rebecca!

There she is! The beautiful mama-to-be! Due June 30th! Can't wait to meet Little Judah!! 

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