Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Today was a great day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, never getting above 80 degrees. Sunny & not too hot. Love it! We went to church with my parents, and I am glad we did. It was a great service!

After church we went home & I made Green Bean Casserole. I know that is usually reserved for occasions like Thanksgiving & Christmas, but it was a special request. ;) It turned out PERFECT! Yay!

And then we went to have Easter lunch at Brad's Aunt KK's with lots of family. We had a great time!

This just cracks me up. No, our family is not that rude! This was during the 5-10 minutes where we have nothing to do anymore but wait for the food to be ready - and we were STARVING! Someone started talking about Draw Something (hilarious game you can play on your smartphone) & next thing you know everyone is playing it. Haha. Had to snap a photo! (Look at the concentration there!)

Later, the kids showed up - Brad's cousin's kids. They're so cute. Oh my goodness. 

That's me with Baby Cayde - he's so sweet & cute! There he is with Whitney too (his auntie). Above pic is him & Whitney with his sister's Kiersten & Rylee. There's another sis, Hayden, but she's a little shy. ;) (I just noticed that i cut off Cayde's face! Poor baby!)

I got my baby fix!

We had a great time eating & talking & laughing together! I also got to walk over to Granny's old trailer...Brad's parents are moving there & in the process of fixing it all up. I am excited about this because it's just the perfect place to bring the kids (one day) & let them play while you sit & drink coffee on the porch. :) 

It was an amazing day. We came home & napped. Haha. So sleepy!

Happy Easter, everyone! Hope your day was wonderful & hope you were reminded again of what God did for you... how his death & resurrection is what gave you the freedom, healing & joy you have in Him. 


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