Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i love...

Thought maybe I should balance out my last post with this one. :) 

Things I am loving this week!

I've been REALLY struggling with the whole eat right & exercise thing, but this week it seems I've gotten back a little control! Ha! I finally brought my lunch to work everyday this week. I made salsa chicken in the crockpot & it is EXCELLENT to take to work with high fiber tortillas & some toppings. (Pinterest won't come up for me right now, but seriously...throw some chicken, salsa & taco seasonings in a crockpot for 5-7 hours & then shred...amazing!). So easy to make & so delicious! And then Brad had to run by my parents yesterday after work, and my mom sent some supper home with him! So today i had that for lunch: pot roast, brown rice & green beans. SO GOOD! 

I found a great place to go run/walking after work! It's a cute, recently re-done little park about 3 minutes from the theater. I went Monday & Tuesday after work & got a 30 minute workout in before rehearsal. It was PERFECT! Can't wait to go back! Great stress relief! 

I love the theater. Theater people are awesome. The show I am doing, 39 Steps, is hilarious. 

Best season ever. I ended up missing rehearsal tonight, and got to watch. My top favorite is Jessica, after tonight. She is FLAWLESS. I also love love love Hollie & Joshua. And Elise. And Coltyn. And Philip. And ... CRAP! They're all good!

I went to a baby shower for my friend Katie on Saturday, and it was soooo good to see some old friends!

 Terri & Vanessa

 Me & the mommy-to-be!

 Me & Lindsay (auntie-to-be)

He has been leading. And I've been [trying to] listen. ;) It's good. I love Him.

It's no secret to some of you that work has been trying at times! But I feel blessed with a very understanding boss, a new assistant director who is going to be a great help to me (it's only her fourth day & she has been already!), plus some really great coworkers. Not to mention, friends who have prayed for me!

Truly meant to be... that's all i can say! We had a date to have dinner & see Titanic last weekend, and i had so much fun with him. I love him SO MUCH! He is so good to me.

What are YOU loving this week?

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