Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To each his own!!

Kate just did a "Things I Hate (that other people love)" post & I thought it was kind of fun!

There are a lot of things I love that other people hate - or are just indifferent to. (I can hear my English teacher saying, "Never end a sentence with a preposition!" Oops.) Some examples: American Idol, my iPhone (okay, i know, anyone who has one loves it!), JLo, blogging, and Titanic. And that's okay. To each his own, right?

Well, here are some things I hate or could care less about that everyone else seems to love: 

1 - GLEE 
oh, the disappointment that show was for me!

2 - Sushi 
People say you have to acquire the taste for this. But i don't understand why you would need to ACQUIRE a taste for something! That makes no sense!

3 - Sports
 I actually do respect & admire athletes. I just don't care to watch any games or freak out if we lose.

4 - Siri 
She is not quite as helpful as the commercials try to lead you to believe!

5 - Body By Vii
Sorry... but if one more person suggests this to me when i announce that i've lost another pound... I'll scream. This is not the answer for me. I have found the answer. I just gotta keep working at it!

I can't imagine ever wearing one - even if i suddenly had the perfect bod. It's kinda like walking in your panties & bra. Right? ...Speaking of, i keep noticing parents putting pics on FB of their daughters at the  beach - in a bikini. Christian moms. Do they not consider who might be glancing at these pics of beautiful and innocent christian young women? Just my two cents.

7- Twilight
I liked the first book or two? Kept reading to see how it all ended. Saw one movie & now i hate it all. Ha!

8 - Harry Potter 
Just couldn't get into it.

9 - Dr. Pepper & Root Beer

10 - Cherry flavor
Also gross

11 - People with no cell phone etiquette
Everyone will agree with this one...and then they'll reply to a text during a movie. 

12 - Phrases that everyone says because they think it sounds cool. For example, "Epic Fail." 

13 - Lady Gaga
I just look at her & go, "HUH?"

14 - High Heels
Don't get me wrong. They're gorgeous. And sexy. And make your legs look amazing! But i want to stay upright... and not look like i'm drunk-walking... for real!

I guess that's enough of that! 

What do YOU hate that most people seem to love???

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  1. Ew, I hate root beer and cherry flavor. Gross. But my husband loves both.


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