Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good day.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who prayed for me after reading my last post. 

I had a much better day today. 


And i really appreciate your prayers & sweet comments. :)

Whew! It was just in time, too, because i was at the limit! I needed just ONE GOOD DAY! (Although I hope tomorrow is good also!)

God knew what I needed. And me being mad at him? Well, he didn't hold that against me. ;)

Seriously, I appreciate your prayers. I could feel them. 

I'm not saying things are perfect. And if you think of me tomorrow, please pray for me again!

Today went well... and when i got back from running some work errands, a student ran up to me & gave me a gift card to Smoothie King! 

 It is really important for me to have breakfast, but here lately I haven't had any time to make anything & we're out of granola bars. When this happens, i run to Smoothie King on my daily work errands run. Their Lean One is pretty decent as far as carbs go (unlike everything else on their menu!). Anyway, I have been trying not to do that lately because it's not good on the budget! So to get a gift card there was a sweet surprise indeed.:) She was basically thanking me for putting up with her... but she's a joy anyway because she is HILARIOUS & always cheers me up!

So it's been a good day. And i just wanted to let you know. xoxo

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