Sunday, May 27, 2012

My week in pics!

Had a pretty good week this week! It was my first full week without theater & it was nice. I love doing a show, but i definitely enjoy the time off, too!

On Tuesday I met up with a friend after work & we walked the lakes together!
It was HOT. (But not as hot as it is now! Yikes!)

On Thursday this doggie got groomed. He needed it, as you can see!
I love how he crosses his paws like that. Cutie!
I don't know why i never take "after" pics. Looks like he loses about 10 pounds just from a haircut! 

I also bought myself some lip gloss from work. It's called Mango Juice & I LOVE IT.

Here's another picture from Thursday morning. Two of my coworkers, Genia & Jamie. Jamie was getting all silly with her scarf. She's having a baby boy in June, so this week coming up is her last week with us & then she is going to be home - for good! She gets to be a stay-at-home mom! I am happy for her! But MAN, we are going to miss this girl BIG TIME!

Friday, this little beauty had her bone marrow transplant. I don't know if you saw this post, but she got sick and ended up having to have a transplant. Her little brother, Alex, was the donor. They both had their surgeries on Friday at St. Jude's & both were successful. She has 3 more sinus surgeries this week (one was today, one on Tuesday & one on Thursday), so please keep her & her family in your prayers!

Also on Friday, I met up with one of my favorite people for dinner! CHARLYNN!
I love this chic so much. You just don't even know! 

And then yesterday, I got to meet the almost two week old, Natalie Joy. Oh, dear. I was in HEAVEN. Total bliss. I really could have sat in that chair holding her all night. Not even kidding. She's so sweet. :)

So yeah. Great week. Even better weekend. And I'm off tomorrow! YIPEE!

Happy Weekend. xoxo

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