Sunday, June 24, 2012

babies, babies, babies

My coworker Jamie had her little man! Isn't this the sweetest picture ever?! Baby's name is Max. He was born on my hubby's birthday. :)

 In other baby news, my hubby's cousin Meg will be having baby Izaac ANY DAY NOW. He was actually due on my hubby's birthday (June 22). She's still pregnant, though... looking forward to meeting him! My friend, Amanda, did their maternity session. She got some great pics! This is just one of them.

And then we found out this sweet couple is having TWINS! Oh, my!! (Blake's mom is my husband's cousin & also my mom's best friend.)
 Blake, Andrea & Parker...yes, this pic was taken in June...as in they will have three kids under 2 by the time the babies are here!!) Her facebook status was too cute. "We are truly blessed, really excited & a little scared!" LOL! They are a precious family... and i love twins. Maybe they'll hire me to be their nanny? Hmmm. ;) (Just kidding!)

But i REALLLY wanna meet baby Judah still. I don't think that's gonna happen until November, though, when they come for Becca's wedding! Don't they look so happy here?! I love it.

Alright, enough baby news... just had to share. :)

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  1. That top picture brought tears to my eyes! And twins...how awesome is that... She is gonna be one busy mommy!


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