Friday, June 15, 2012

Famous Friends, and other randoms :o)

So, I'm in a crazy-good mood, and I have no idea why, nothing has changed much in my life, but I had a good day & a good day calls for a good mood. PLUS, it's Friday. :)

I accomplished a ton of work today & then texted my boss to see if she minded me heading out an hour early. She said okay, so off I went. It ended up being 45 minutes early, but enough time to get me across town to pick up a certain sister's birthday gift. It was POURING rain. And by pouring, I mean i could barely see through the windshield, even with the windshield wipers going. Crazy! I got to my destination & just sat in the car waiting for it to calm down just enough for me to get inside the store without getting SOAKED. Yes, I had an umbrella but the rain was CRAZY, y'all. And thunder & lightning. Eek!

So i got the gift & headed home. And tomorrow is Saturday. The best day of the week!

Here are some randoms for you!

* * * * * * * 

A student I know & love auditioned for American Idol last week & made it! Let me rephrase... you know how they have a round BEFORE you actually see Steven, J.Lo & Randy? She made it past that round. So next she sings for Simon Fuller and if she makes that, she sings for the famous judges. I am so excited for her! I can't say who she is or post a pic (which i would love to do) b/c she isn't supposed to post any of this for the world to see or anything. But still I had to share. 

* * * * * 

Because, also? Another wonderful friend auditioned for AI & didn't make it... so she auditioned for The Voice - and she got a call back! Woohoo! 

She can sing very very well. And she's cool. 

* * * * * 

Most exciting of all, is that Shelley Regner, a theater friend of mine, was cast in a movie that was filmed here in Louisiana. I have plenty of friends who get cast as extras, and i assumed that's what Shelley was doing. Only because it's her first movie, not because she's just semi-talented. The girl is VERY VERY talented. Some of you may remember that a long time ago (a year or so?) she was competing for a free trip to NYC to audition for the Broadway revival of Rent. (She didn't win it but she was *this* close!) Anyway, i saw the preview the other day & saw her all throughout the trailer. She plays Ashley, one of the singers in this girl group. It was fun to see a familiar face in a preview! ;) So this is her. And she is amazing. And she will be in the movie, Pitch Perfect, this fall. I am excited!!

Pitch Perfect - that's Shelley on the far left (black tights, white shirt).
Check out the preview, it looks so good! 
Later i looked her up on IMDB. And she's there. WHAT! 
It's just fun. That's all. Ha! 
* * * * * * 
Hmmm. What else? Well, I've been healthy all week & even started working out again. It is about time, that's all I gotta say! I am going to Planet Fitness. And i LOVE IT! $10 a month, y'all. TEN BUCKS A MONTH. I mean, wow.

* * * * * 
Having fun reading, too. I read Beverly Lewis' "The Fiddler" & it was SO good! And now I have this stack to dive into. Nope, I won't be needing to buy or borrow for awhile!
My mother-in-law is getting rid of stuff & gave me a huge bag of books to go through. Here are my picks. Yay! I just started "Embrace Me" by Lisa Samson, and it's really good so far!

* * * * * * * 

Last thing. I downloaded the app, "versagram" so i can write random things really cute. (Because that's important???) Anyway, this verse has been playing in my head every so often, because of a sermon that i really needed to hear not too long ago. 

* * * * * 

Last, but not least, and i fear i have chosen the wrong post to include this info (I mean...not-yet-famous friends, new gyms, books I'm reading...etc etc etc)... but please head over to Mo Isom's blog & watch her testimony. She spoke at our church recently & I just love her. She is the girl who tried out for the LSU football team... she is also an outstanding kicker on the LSU women's soccer team. Anyway. She is sold out to Jesus & it is awesome to hear her testimony. WATCH IT. 

* * * * * 

Well, that's more than enough news for one day! Have a great weekend!

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