Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo Booth Fun!

Just want to say THANK YOU to Dow Louisiana Federal Credit Union for sponsoring Baton Rouge Little Theater. They have actually been my bank for almost 10 years & I have never had a problem with them. They are great! But they're even BETTER in my eyes because they are huge sponsors of BRLT!

This year at Beaux Arts we had a photo booth! This was made possible by Dow, too. The photographer, StaciPhoto, got some GREAT pics! Here are just a few of them. (Okay...not a few...another overload. Sorry!)

I guess I'll change it up a bit & show you some other faces! Haha.

 She got so many good shots of this moment. This is Danielle, Susan, Megan & Lauren. Megan is prego & I can only imagine the conversation that has her cracking up! ;)

 Kaitlyn won "Outstanding Actress in a Play" for her role as Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire. I was THRILLED since this was one of "my" shows, haha. But she was BRILLIANT. She is such a fantastic actress. As I mentioned in my last post, Marion won for "Outstanding Actress in a Musical" for her role of Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray. Yay! 
 Three wonderful, hilarious, talented women: Beth, Rosilyn & Mary!

Chris & Emily

Staci also took some photos during our ceremony. 

 This is Ernest. He wrote & performed (along with others) the parody for the ceremony this year. They always do a parody about all of the shows from the past season. He did a great job!

 Ernest & Hugo, performing

Marion & Hugo

 Robby won for his role as Clown 2 (where he played 100 or so roles!) for his part in The 39 Steps. Yeah!

 And Sam won "Outstanding Actor in a Play" for his part as Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire. Another one of "my" shows! Yes! Haha.

Robert, a dear friend of mine, won Outstanding Technical Volunteer award this year. I got it in 2010 & it was so exciting & special to be recognized for the hard work that goes into working backstage for a show. Robert SO deserved this award, especially this year! So glad he was honored in this way! 

 During the ball this year, Brian & Janell (center) were inducted into the BRLT hall of fame! This honor is given to those who have volunteered for DECADES at the theater. Awesome! :) 

And here's a few more good ones! You can check out the rest of the pics or more of Staci's work at StaciPhoto

 Danielle played Penny in Hairspray, Tracy's best friend. I think they are reliving one of their songs here. 

 I love this pic. Keith & Sam after Sam's win! ;)


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