Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A tale of two showers...

Bridal showers, that is. :) 

Two of my very dear friends are getting married!
 Both of their showers were this weekend. Danielle's on Saturday; Rachel's on Sunday!
Rachel & Danielle

Rachel was the first person i met at BRLT... she auditioned right before me for my first show! I had no idea we were about to spend the whole summer together as cast members of Beauty & the Beast! We have been friends ever since...which is just a little over 6 years. Crazy that it's been that long! She is a sweetheart, and about to graduate nursing school. She is going to be an excellent nurse! Her fiance got a job in Missouri, so she will be moving there once they're married. Kinda sad about THAT...but happy for her!

I met Danielle a few years later, when we were both cast (yes, as whores!) in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Rachel was in it as well. We had an amazing time together. I LOVE Danielle. She is so sweet & just adorable. She's a high school teacher at a local christian school. I bet her students love her!

Danielle's shower was Saturday. She will tie the knot with Aaron on June 30th. Aren't they CUTE?!

She was so cute opening gifts... just genuinely excited at each one...like a kid on Christmas morning! Ha! She's so cute. Can't wait till June 30th!! 

Rachel's shower was Sunday. Had a great time at hers, too, even though i was really exhausted from Saturday's fun! Ha! Got to reunite with some theater friends there that I hadn't seen in WAY too long! So that was good. 

Rachel & Micah get married on August 18th! Then she will move off to Missouri, since that is where he got a job. Happy for her, but sad for Baton Rouge!
(This is Rachel & Micah at Beaux Arts 2010...so...quite awhile back!)

We had a great time at the shower!! It was SO good to see some of these girls! 

The picture in the middle is Rachel with her two older sisters. Aren't they beautiful? 

The girls in the other pictures are the ones I was able to reunite with... I hadn't seen a few of them in way too long!

So it was a lot of fun...and I can't wait to see them as beautiful brides! 

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