Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tim & Amber's Wedding Day!

Yesterday was an exhausting but wonderful day. :) 

We had a wedding to go to in New Orleans for the evening. I had decided we would go up that morning & hang out with my sister & brother-in-law before the wedding. They live in Mandeville, which is on the way to New Orleans. That morning, Brad was checking out my car to make sure it was okay for the drive. Turns out our spare tire was FLAT! We needed to get that fixed & didn't really want to end up with a flat in Nola & no spare! So i went to the tire place first thing Saturday to get that fixed. Glad we took care of that. I had to wait there for almost two hours, but at least I brought a book. I was just glad it could be repaired & they didn't charge much to do that for us!

We finally got on the road at 10:40. Mom took Fievel for the day since we figured we'd be getting in really late.

We went to Mandeville, and had lunch at Friends. We went there last time & I was so mad then that i didn't bring my good camera. This time I had my camera, but it was POURING rain, so i decided to leave it at Michelle & Mike's place. Would you believe, before we even got to the restaurant it cleared up so much that we got to eat on the back porch again! There were turtles in the lake this time. And it was suddenly pretty out. I was so mad i didn't have my camera AGAIN! Ahhhh! After lunch, we stopped for snowballs & then just hung out at Mike & Michelle's. Relaxed. I even took a short nap. 

It was finally time to get ready & head out for the wedding. It STORMED the ENTIRE WAY to the wedding! (She had an outside wedding, by the way!) I was driving and there is this long bridge over Lake Pontchartrain (almost 24 miles, to be exact). It rained HARD the ENTIRE drive. I was going 10 under the speed limit & felt like it was too fast. There were signs "Strong crosswinds. Reduce speed." Um, yeah. I had no trouble doing that. I felt like my car might blow right off the bridge. Geez! I think my knuckles were white gripping the steering wheel! Yikes! 

 from my seat at the wedding...gorgeous! new orleans city park

But we made it to New Orleans City Park & wow. What a beautiful place!!! I do not remember ever going there before, which is crazy! Of all the times I've been to New Orleans! I took pictures during the wedding but it was too dark & raining a little after the ceremony as we were walking to the reception. I must go back one day just to walk around & take pictures! We walked to the wedding in the rain but it calmed down some, and it calmed down a lot for the ceremony. Whew! ;) 

The wedding was so beautiful. I got emotional. Tim cried when she started her walk down the aisle. She was absolutely beautiful. The pictures don't even do it justice. She was stunning. 

I met these two in 2006, we were all in Beauty & the Beast together that summer. Tim & Amber were dating THEN. So yeah. It's about time they tie the knot! ;) 

Talia, who was our Belle back in Beauty & the Beast, sang during the unity sand part & did a beautiful job.

The bridesmaids were gorgeous...this is my friend Jessica. She looked so pretty!

They wrote their own vows, and that part of the ceremony was truly special & emotional!  I loved it. That's Amber's parents sitting in front of me. :)

You may kiss the bride!!!

The reception was just a short walk away, also at the park. It was great. The food was DELICIOUS, there was lots of dancing & visiting & hugging & smiling. Fun times!

I had NO IDEA my good friends Charlynn & Rachel were coming! I saw them right after the ceremony & was like, "WHAT!!!!" Haha. I was so excited. i LOVE these two! 

So funny, Brittany is one of my friends from Beauty & the Beast, and she has been dating Thomas forever, but I have never really had a chance to talk to him a lot. I did last night & he is so funny! He was cracking me up! I was telling her this & she said, "I know, isn't he just the Sweetest-Cutest????" It was the way she said it. So cute. Love her. They're adorable!

Here are a bunch more pics from the evening!

 Tim & Marion!

I don't even know how to describe what happened here. I think you can tell it was a funny moment though. This guy is hilarious. 

The newlyweds!!!! Love them! 

Congrats, Tim & Amber!

We had a great time & made it home at midnight. So glad it wasn't storming on the way home, too! We made it to church this morning... exhausted... haha. But it was worth it. We had a great time & I'm so glad we went! I wish Tim & Amber many years of love & joy!

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