Friday, June 22, 2012

What a week!

Wow. What a week!

Monday, my mother-in-law had to rush my father-in-law to the hospital. He was having chest pains. Doctors believe he was about to have a heart attack, but Mrs. Cheryl got him there in time for them to get him stabilized.

Monday evening, I started feeling really crappy.

Tuesday morning, I awoke to Brad telling me he was going to the hospital for his dad's heart cath. I was bummed because i wanted to go with him, but Brad was already dressed and heading out. He told me to stay in bed! Yes, sir! Haha. I went back to sleep. I was SICK. 

My father-in-law's heart cath went smoothly, and they found a blockage right by his heart. They put in a stint and when he woke up he was feeling MUCH, MUCH better.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday are all just a blur of me in & out of sleep & watching one Law & Order SVU episode after another. I finally went to the doctor Thursday, because i HAD to go back to work Friday but i couldn't. I had a sinus headache so bad I thought my head would explode. There was no way i was going back to work with that! I could deal with all the sneezing and coughing and a sore throat. But not the sinus headache! It was killing me!

So I went to the doctor Thursday & they gave me a shot. Not a cortizone shot, a different kind. She told me it would get rid of that sinus headache. And it did. Thank God! 

This morning, I walked out of the house with my purse inside... and locked the door. I had no phone, no keys & no purse. I went to the only neighbor that i actually know & knocked, he didn't answer. I kind of walked around the street a bit, hoping somebody would come outside. It was HOT already (at 7:30 am) so i am already sweating! The man came out of his house pretty quickly though & let me use his phone. I called Brad, he called his parents & his dad came & brought me a spare key. WHEW! I was still feeling terrible when all that happened, but i guess around early afternoon, that shot kicked in, because i started feeling MUCH better. Yay. :) 

Oh, and today is my favorite person's birthday!!
Oh, did i mention my sweet husband has been trying to fix my car all week, too? He's been driving it around & ... i don't know... [insert car talk here] for me all week...and he doesn't love dealing with cars at all! He took my car to work today & had me take his so if it broke down or got overheated, i wouldn't have to deal with it. So sweet.

I love this man SO much. He's so sweet & kind & I cannot imagine not getting to be married to your best friend! He loves me back - with all his heart - & he treats me so well. I love him to pieces!!!

It was low-key for his bday, just the way he likes it. I picked up Wendy's for him (seriously - i told him i would cook him ANYTHING he wanted... or go get him ANYTHING he wanted... like potato soup from La Madeline's or a shrimp poboy from Brewbachers - two of his favorites - his response? "I want a baconator." Um, Gross?! But anything for you, babe! Haha!

So i stopped & got him his Baconator & a root beer & also his favorite ice cream in the world (mint chocolate chip from Baskin Robbins) & i am surprised it didn't melt on the way home. I sat in traffic WAY too long, UGH! And it was hot! And his a/c only works SOME of the time! His ice cream was fine but his root beer was melted! He was happy, though! :) Later, we went to his parents for coffee & a movie. It was good to visit with them!

So that was his low key bday, although i am sure we'll celebrate it with his family later. :) And we celebrated it with mine last weekend. :)

So excited about tomorrow.... we have NOTHING planned. Yay. ;)

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  1. You poor thing...sounds like a rough week! So glad your father in law is okay, what a blessing they caught it in time! Happy birthday Brad!


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