Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aaron & Danielle's Wedding

Yesterday was my sweet friend Danielle's wedding. I am SO happy for Danielle. She has met such a wonderful man, a guy I can see will take such good care of her. The officiant has apparently been a friend of Aaron's for several years and he said how Aaron is a guy full of joy and integrity. I have met him a few times and he is SO nice. I am so thankful that Danielle got a good one! ;) 

I know brides & grooms are always happy to be getting married... but, wow! These two were just grinning ear-to-ear the whole time. They were giddy. Full of joy & excitement. Loved it! 

The wedding was outside... when i saw that, i was like... Oh, wow. I mean, it's HOT, y'all. But by some miracle, we actually had a cool breeze during their ceremony. The programs were fans, and i hardly even needed to use mine. They also kept their ceremony very simple and short, so we could get inside for the air-conditioned reception! 

We goofed off with these three while we waited for the wedding to start. Sara, Evan & Charlynn. Just a few friends from the theater. :)

She looked SO beautiful and happy!

"You may kiss your bride!" 

So happy!!!

The reception was inside the Lake House and it was beautiful. Lots of fun, too! Great music, dancing, a photo booth & lots of good friends. We actually stayed until the very end, which we rarely do these days! Haha. Our table consisted of...

Me & my love!

 Natalie & Bradford

 Chris & Susan

Charlynn, Evan & Sara

 Got to get a picture with the beautiful bride! :)

A bunch of us with the newlyweds!

I couldn't crop Natalie out of this one...can you blame me? Hahaha.

There was lots of dancing too...
 Jeff & Bess

 Adam & Lauren

 Lauren & Susan (& Jeff - hilarious!)

 Charlynn & Eryn

 Me & Lauren

 Bess & Jeff

 Nathan & Megan - this pic cracks me up!

There we go... ;)

This last one was taken with my phone, as i had already put my camera up. But i like it! :)


Congrats to Danielle & Aaron! Happy honeymoon!! 

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