Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blog Challenge: Days 10-12

Life of Love

So, I'm a little behind, y'all. Thankfully y'all don't care. You're cool like that. :)

Day 10: What's your most embarrassing moment? 
I am SURE I have one or two or more of those, but I just can't think of any! Except for your minor ones that involve my klutzy self: (1) i fell down the stairs in 6th grade just before the bell rang, so students burst out of their classrooms to find me falling. That was fun. (2) At that same school, I fell on my way to class & landed right on the ground - about an inch from 3 cute popular guys. This is a tragic thing to do anytime, but in junior high? TORTURE. (3) I fell at LSU walking to class & immediately grabbed my backpack & acted like i had randomly stopped mid-sidewalk to look in my backpack for something. Hahaha! 


Day 11: What is one thing you wouldn't change about yourself? 
I love people. Just like they are, flaws and all. I am very accepting of everyone & I usually see the good in them, even if nobody else does.

Day 12: What are you most looking forward to over the next 6 months?
-Becoming more acquainted with our new church family.
-Hopefully, singing again. I miss it.
-My friend Rachel's wedding in August, because I love Rachel, I love weddings, and I love & miss Brittany (who will be in town for the wedding!). 
-Getting healthier & healthier, day by day!
-Knocking out debt - or a lot of it!
-My friend Becca's wedding in November!!!! She has met a wonderful man who will love her & treat her right! And she deserves this! SO happy for her! 
-Our 4th anniversary in November. Just a good month to get married, y'all! 
-THANKSGIVING & CHRISTMAS - i just love that time of year. 

Well, there ya go. Happy (almost) Friday, y'all!

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