Saturday, July 21, 2012

Church Ladies Tea

Today was a Ladies Tea at my church. We just started regularly attending this church after going to their Easter service with my parents. I have been there many times through the years, but this time was different. This time Brad & I both felt like it was to be our church home. Since then, we haven't looked back. And i am so thankful God brought us there! 

So, the tea. I was looking forward to going as it is the first time we have gone to anything besides Sunday morning service. Plus, this woman, Liz, was speaking - a lady who i have grown to love through her words of knowledge &/or encouragement to the church body on several occasions after praise & worship. She teaches a Sunday school class there & at some point i will be joining it. I just love her! 

The tea had four hostesses: Sandra, Mandy, MaryAnn & Melanie. They each decorated a table & served each course to the ladies at their table.
Sandra, Mandy (our worship pastor's wife), MaryAnn (our pastor's wife) & Melanie

They did such a great job! The food was delicious, the decor was beautiful & they made everyone feel special. :)

My mom & I sat at Mandy's table. She loves pink & green, and her favorite flowers are daisies (mine too!) and her table reflected that. See?

This was the centerpiece on Melanie's table. Too pretty not to share!
Sue & Anne (mother & daughter) sat with us. I remember them from probably fifteen years ago. They are just moving back from Tennessee. Turns out, Anne (the daughter) is interested in theater - she did a lot of backstage work in Tennessee. So we had a good time chatting about that!
 Here I am with Mandy. She is a new friend & I just LOVE her. We had her & her hubby for dinner last week & now I just wish we could hang out all the time. She's sweet, and we have a lot in common. Yay for new friends. :)
Excuse the crazy hair & goofy smile. I think Gayle (behind the camera) had just said something to make me laugh! But this is me & Mandy. I love her.

Me & my sweet mama. :)

Mandy & Gayle - these women are HILARIOUS.

And, last but not least...
This is my mom with Gayle. I think this is my favorite picture of the day. I just LOVE my mom's smile in this one! She looks so pretty. :) 

Well, there you go! We had a great time!

Hope you are having a great weekend, too!

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