Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dinner for 5 (6, counting me)

So, I'm quite a bit behind on this little blog challenge, but i would like to catch up if you don't mind!

Life of Love

Alright, so...where did I leave off? 

Day 5: If you could have dinner with any five people, who would they be?
Well, there are several people that I would like to have dinner with. But have you ever met any of your blog friends in real life?  I have. And after meeting a few of them, I firmly believe that blog friends are actually EVEN BETTER in real life. I mean... they become such good blog friends because you love their blog & then you start emailing them, connecting with them, and you love them even more. 

When you make plans to meet one of them, you start to get nervous (or at least, I did). What if they're not as cool in real life as they are on their blog & in their emails? I think the reason for this is because I also did the online dating thing (back in the day when i was 29 & wondering why my prince wouldn't come!), and it was kind of a nightmare. Mainly because many guys on online dating sites are DESPERATE. And desperate equals WEIRDNESS/AWKARDNESS when you meet them in the flesh. 

But meeting blog friends? Totally different. In fact, I have decided that they're actually EVEN BETTER in person. If that's even possible. They are better because this wonderful person comes to life, basically. You get to know them so much more! I don't think I'm making sense here. But trust me. Bloggers who haven't met a blog friend yet? DO IT! :)


(Well, 6 counting me!)

This is from my visit to her life in Pennsylvania this past December. GREAT FUN was had by all! Love her. Love her family. Love her friends. Love love love. And miss her & need to see her again! (I met Kim, Amy & Rainey through her, too, because they're her in real life friends - and i was reading Kim & Rainey's blogs already. I would LOVE to visit them again also!)

I met Lindsey because her family is from Baton Rouge. So last time she came down for a visit, we met up at Starbucks. I am SO GLAD. We talked until Starbucks closed & then we got in her car & talked some more. It wasn't enough time, though. I liked her SO MUCH. Just...real. And easy to talk to. She is also blog friends with Laura, but they've never met in real life. Hopefully that will happen one of these days!

(I hope it's okay that I stole this pic from her blog!) Patti is another best bloggie friend. I love this girl SO much. She has been a HUGE amount of support to me in my weightloss journey, and we have a lot in common. I feel like she "gets" me. She lives SO FAR, but i will meet her one of these days! She also writes at Less is More, which is her weightloss blog. She is doing awesome & looks fantastic.

  Rebecca is actually a real-life friend. She's just a long distance friend and I am missing her, so I should get to include her on my dinner for five, even though she isn't a blogger! (Laura, Linds & Patti would all love her anyway.) Rebecca & I met in 1997 in Texas for missions training for a missions trip we were both going on. She is from Canada. Talk about long distance! I flew up there to be a bridesmaid & sing in her wedding, and 9 years later, she came to Baton Rouge to be in mine! :) In between was one or two visits and LOTS of snail mail (she didn't get email until way after everyone else. Haha.). LOVE HER! She now lives in NY and maybe one day I'll go up & see her!

 This is another not-blogger friend, but I decided I would take her along to my dinner. She would love them, they would love her, I am sure of it! Becca is one of my besties & has been for the last 9 or 10 years? I don't know how long. But she is so kind, so compassionate, so sweet! I had breakfast with her this morning. And it wasn't long enough! Love this girl.

Okay, so there you go. My dinner with five. I just want you to know it took me forever to write this post! Too many bloggers I want to meet! And i ended up making this about four people i HAVE met (& 1 i haven't. Patti, we are going to need to fix this one day!), but oh-well. :)

P.S. I have noticed many of you did this about what celebrities you would like to meet. I would just like to add my celebrity version, if that's okay...

Mariska Hargitay (i am obsessed with her), Sara Ramirez (Callie from Grey's & she was on Broadway before that), Amy Adams, Meryl Streep & Brittany Kriger. Brittany is actually my good friend who is in NYC & who will one day be a household name. She's not yet, though, and i think she would love to join me on this dinner. I think so, anyway. :) She blogs here & here & is way cool, too.

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