Saturday, July 14, 2012

My favorites.

Life of Love

I missed yesterday's prompt because we were busy entertaining dinner guests...we had a wonderful time! Love new friends!! 

I am not missing yesterday's prompts, because I would love to share with you some random favorites of mine. And it's been fun reading yours. So...

Day 13: Share with us some of your FAVORITES.

Mine, of course.

The crawfish etouffee from Chimes is the best I've ever had, ever!

My friend Brittany started a blog to share her adventures in finding local gluten/dairy-free foods, and she blogs about the recipes she tries herself as well. She's also adorable. 

I randomly found MelissaJenna's blog & i love it. I love how this girl speaks the truth, even when it's not the popular opinion. She is inpiring, genuine & kind. Not to mention a great writer. Very cool blogger.

I love Instagram. Follow Me: Lissaraye33

Law & Order SVU
And, y'all. I just watched Seasons 7-12 on Netflix. I thought Season 13 was to start Sept 2012, but found out this morning that what is coming is Season 14!!! Which means there is an entire season out that i have yet to see. YIPEE!! I will start it today. Yes!

 Sleepless in Seattle. I love it.

One of those pinterest things...it cracks me up because it explains EXACTLY how i feel about math.

Something you may not know is that i LOVE theater... i played Little Becky Two Shoes in Urinetown, the musical (yes, you read that right). SO MUCH FUN. (The pic above is from a live performance.)

Fresh pineapple, something i always hated until about a year ago. YUM!

This is my favorite wedding pic. Even though my dress is kinda messed up around the neck. It's the way he's looking at me. Like i am loved and cherished. He still gives me that look. LOVE HIM! 

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