Sunday, July 29, 2012


Mandisa just tweeted that there is a church in Mississippi that refused to marry a black couple

Y'all. This makes me so stinkin SAD. What kind of a world is this?! 

How can we beat & overcome racism when there are still people who think this way?

I honestly feel like Baton Rouge is full of racism. I'm just being real. I see it, probably DAILY. I'm talking whites being racist against blacks AND the other way around. I have felt the sting of racism from someone hating ME because i am white. And no, I'm not reading into anything. It's obvious. 

But it goes the other way too. I know people who are racist...even if they deny it...actions speak louder than words. 

But this? This goes beyond anything I've seen. I can't think of a church in town that would refuse to marry a black couple! ESPECIALLY if they are church members! I mean, this couple had been going to this church! For a year, I think the article said! And the congregation doesn't want them to marry there because they are black? And the pastor says "okay" because he's afraid to lose his job? What a coward. 

I know that is a terrible thing to say about a pastor. I believe in respecting our pastors. But this is just terrible. It makes my heart hurt. I just want to slap some people & say, "WAKE UP! It's 2012!"

A year or so ago there was a church that wouldn't marry a mixed couple... i think that was Mississippi, too, but i could be wrong. People were outraged. I was upset too... i think mixed couples are beautiful! But this is a black couple - and the church refuses to marry them!! GIVE ME A BREAK! 

Oh my gosh. 

Crazy, crazy world we live in!

I hate racism.

The end.

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