Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I am so in a bullet point post mood, and here you go. By the way... I love Sar's blog & I am so glad I found her & some other fun new bloggers from her 15-Day Challenge. Yay!

So...my thoughts for today...

{one} Tomorrow is FRIDAY. I am just SO happy about that. 

{two} My friend Laura is finally getting a house & I am so excited for her!

{three} My friend Tricia is designing a new blog for me & I am so excited! I can't wait to see it! 

{four} Work has not been bad this week. Thank God! Some days are really really stressful. And some are just really frustrating. But this week? Not too bad. We got an assistant director & he's great. The perfect fit. And he makes me laugh pretty much all day, which is good. 

{five} My mom ordered me this fabulous dress... and i FINALLY tried it on... and it fits PERFECTLY. I love it! It is hard to find a dress that flatters a girl my size. This one is super cute & I love it. We got the one in gunmetal gray (but it's actually a little bit purple. But i still love it.)

{six} Speaking of that new dress. I had to stand on my bed to see how the rest of the dress looked on me. I sure could use a full-length mirror!

{seven} My friend Patti just sends me non-stop encouragement. She is so awesome & I love her. Anyway, she's on a weightloss journey like me & today she texted me this verse. I love it. 

"The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; 
Your love, Oh Lord, endures forever.
Do not abandon the works of your hands." 
-Psalm 138:8

{eight} Saturday I am going to a Ladies Tea at church & I am looking forward to it. I am loving our new church & SO THANKFUL that God brought us there. We feel so at home! This is the first time I am going to something outside of church on Sunday morning. I'm ready to get more involved there! The Ladies Tea is going to include lunch and a speaker. The speaker is this lady named Liz who is older, and who i look up to so much already.

{nine} Speaking of our new church...we have new friends & I am loving that. Billy & Mandy came over for dinner last weekend, and i just LOVE them.  They're just so sweet. Billy is the worship pastor & his music is just amazing. He has an awesome voice, too. Brad actually has known Billy for years. He also worked with Mandy at one time, before she was dating Billy (& they've been married for almost 10 years, so it was awhile back!). But I didn't know either one of them until we started going to Covenant. I just like them SO much. They're hilarious & fun. Yay for new friends!

{ten} I want a haircut SO BAD. I can get them at work, but we don't get a discount on Fridays or Saturdays (because it's taking away from real actual clients who pay full price. Haha.). Hopefully I'll do it Monday. I have picked the student i want to do it as an educator told me she does a really great haircut. :) I cannot stand for my hair to get past my neck, my hair is too thick & heavy & it's just TOO HOT for that! 

Yes, that is me bottom right, 2007. I miss my blonde, too!

I am still so obsessed with Law & Order: SVU. When i finished Season 12 on Netflix, i thought that was it until the season premiere in September. But it turns out that September is premiering Season 14, not 13, meaning i had a WHOLE NEW SEASON to watch! I have been watching & it is GOOD, y'all. Detective Stabler is gone, and honestly? I don't miss him. Okay, i do, a little, I didn't dislike him or anything. But the new actors are GREAT & i think the show is doing just fine without him. Now, if Mariska leaves, I will be sad. I have what you would call a "girl crush" on her. She is amazing. 

Did I mention Olivia finally has a love interest? Harry Connick, Jr, y'all. Oh, yes.
 Now, that is one good-looking couple!

Well, that's all I got. Happy almost Friday!! 

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