Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 Question Friday. On Saturday.

This week?

Work, Theater, Bed, Repeat.


I'm working a show this week (more about that later) & this is literally the first time I have gotten on my laptop all week! I have missed it! I have been anxious for today - a day of sleeping in, waking up at my leisure, hot coffee, and my cozy chair. 

And blogging. Blog-reading, Blog-writing, Email-responding, Tweeting, Facebooking. All day. Well, until tonight. I have another show. ;) But I'm going to enjoy these next few several hours, for sure!

So. Here is Five Question Friday. Even though it's Saturday. I like the questions.

1. If you could be (could have been) any profession (money & brains not a problem), what would you be?
Meaning i automatically have the degree & all the knowledge? A casting director. Or a theater director. Or a drama teacher. Definitely. 

2. How often do you clean out your car?
Y'all. I'm pretty gross. It makes me sick! My car is cleaned out right now & I actually vaccuumed it with the free vaccuum thing at Benny's last week because i had to get my car inspected & i was too embarrassed for them to see how gross my car is! (Silly, because they're all guys - MECHANICS - like they care!). Anyway...it's gross. Even vaccuumed, the steering wheel & console need to be wiped down. There is no excuse: I'm not a smoker, i'm not a packrat, i don't have toddlers... I'm just busy & never want to clean my car. EVER.

3. Do you wish there was a such thing as fashion police, or are you deeply relieved? 
HAHA. What an original question! Um... a little of both? Because honestly, i know what is okay to wear & what is most definitely NOT okay, but most of the time, i'm just in pants & a shirt that coordinate. I would be SO MUCH BETTER about this if i was smaller, but i can't seem to do the fashion thing right at my size. And i know there are some women who are my size who do a FABULOUS JOB at putting together an outfit & looking fabulous. NOT ME.

So, yeah. Maybe I'm more deeply relieved!

At my last place of employment though? I constantly thought of calling Stacy & Clinton. For real.

4. What's your go-to food/drink/activity when stressed?
A long hot bath with a novel & a cup of coffee or glass of wine.
AHHHH. So relaxing.

5. If you had twins, what would you name them?
I love names. We have 2 girl names picked out already & if we had twins, we wouldn't change these names - they're our favorites & they sound good together,  I think! 

Reina & Mariah. 

Reina is pronounced Rayna. I hope you knew that? It's the Spanish word for queen. And we love the name Mariah too. So there ya go!

I'm not sure about boy/girl or boy/boy twins. I would keep Reina & I am not one who thinks twin names must start w/ the same letter or rhyme. DEFINITELY not rhyme!!!:)

Well, that was fun. A good start to my blogging morning. I am sorry to hit you with too many posts at once...  but there is a chance of that happening today! ;)


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