Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby Izaac.

It's been a pretty good weekend, y'all! 

On Friday, Brad & I went & joined Sam's. I know. Our exciting life. Haha! 

Saturday, I went to a Stampin' It Up Party at our pastor's house. His wife, MaryAnn, hosted & it was fun! I'm normally not a crafty person, but i usually have fun when i get into it anyway. I didn't buy anything, but i had fun making four cards. Here are two of them - so cute!

Yesterday, I finally got to meet Baby Izaac! Yay!
 Sorry this is too blurry... I probably should have stopped rocking. :) 

We were going to take dinner to them at their house, but it turns out they were spending the weekend at Brad's Aunt KK's. This was even better because they live MUCH closer. They told me not to worry about cooking, since it'd be for four instead of two, but i did it anyway. There was plenty. We had a great visit. I was told he would probably scream & not to think it was because of me if he did - he was just over tired. Well, he didn't scream! Every time he started to, i would get him to quiet back down. And he finally, eventually went to sleep. He was precious!

 That would be Izaac's Mama & Daddy in the background. Haha. 

So sweet!! 

My arm was aching, but it didn't matter. Sweet baby love.

Church today was great. We sang an awesome new song (new to me) called Yahweh. I loved it so much! The message was given by our youth pastor and he talked about passion for God & obedience to him. It was good. Real good! 

* * * * * 
 This week is gonna be crazy at work! For those of you who don't know (or maybe you have figured it out by now), I work at Aveda Institute, the cosmetology school. We have two schedules of new students starting every other month. We have always had one orientation for both schedules a week before they start school. Well, we now have their orientation on their actual first day of school - meaning tomorrow for our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday schedule & Thursday for our Thursday, Friday, Saturday schedule. So i will be doing orientation TWICE.

I have to do the Policy & Procedure talk at 5 on Monday & again on Thursday. That's not a big deal. Then they have dinner break, and then i take everyone's picture for their ID Badge, Kit Disbursement, which is when i give them all their school supplies for the year & make sure everyone has everything, and then make them sign a bunch of forms. It kind of takes all my energy, so i am kind of scared I'll be doing it again on Thursday! Haha! I am sure it will be fine, though! 

It does mean i'll be working 8 am to 8 pm, instead of my usual 8 to 5, so hopefully i can take a half day on Friday or something!
* * * * * 

Oh, yeah. My break from Facebook is going well, although i feel SURE i will be back. I am making myself stay off it a week & then i'll probably log on again. I'm thinking i'll be more used to Twitter at that point, though & i think i will spend most of my time there. We'll see. Look me up on Twitter. lilmrsmarried

Have a great week!

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