Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fievel is 8!

Today is my puppy dog's 8th birthday. 


My baby's growing up! {sniff, sniff} (Haha, just kidding.) 

I LOVE him, though. I'll be honest, i regretted getting him at first. My sister owned a restaurant at the time, and my mom & i went to visit. She told me one of her waitresses had brought a 6-week old shih-tzu puppy she was trying to sell.  We ate and then were just hanging out (the restaurant was closed) when my sister plopped this furry little creature in my lap. I picked him up, put him on his back where he was looking in my eyes, and y'all... 


oh, my goodness. 

I wasn't planning to get a dog, even though i was OBSESSED with them at the time & REALLY wanted one! Mom & I talked & talked & talked about it while were there, deciding if i should get him. I finally did. Couldn't have afforded him without mom's help! Yikes!

For the first year that i had him, i regretted it! I was just TOO busy & he didn't see me a lot! :( Plus, he was SO rambunctious as a puppy sometimes i thought i might kill him! HAHA!

But shih-tzu's are the SWEETEST, most affectionate dogs, and he is no exception. SUCH a sweetheart. Sometimes a pain, but mostly a sweetheart. :)

He is FULL of spunk & personality, too!

I realized today he's been with me for my last four single years & my first four (almost) married years! Brad loves him now, just as much as I do!


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