Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday 11:30 am (Isaac Update #1)

So, after being at work ALL DAY yesterday & hearing of school & business closures all over the city & surrounding parishes... my work FINALLY gave us word that we would close Tuesday & Wednesday as well. The rest of the week will depend on how Hurricane Isaac treats us. The theater also canceled our Thursday night performance of Assassins.

For the entire time, this has been a Tropical Storm warning for us & nearby parishes, while it's been a Hurricane warning an hour or so away. It was just announced that it's now a hurricane warning for Livingston Parish...which is Denham Springs...which is about 20 minutes from my house. So yeah... it will officially be a hurricane in BR very soon, too.

It's a Category One, so we decided to stay home. (Category 3? I am out of here!)

I stopped at the bookstore last night for #2 in Karen Kingsbury's redemption series. SO GOOD. I debated getting a puzzle, but didn't, and i kind of regret it already. I don't do boredom but after hours without electricity, I'm going to get tired reading & I'm going to wish i had gotten that puzzle! Ha! Hopefully i can find someone to play Phase 10 with me (HINT HINT whoever wants to come over after the hurricane! HA!)

The bad weather doesn't start till tonight, so we're going to Brad's parents for lunch in about an hour. She decided to make homemade Red Beans & Rice (a Louisiana dish) & I can't WAIT! Nothing like a good home-cooked meal - might be our last for awhile! ;)

Earlier, we went outside. I remember for Hurricane Gustav, i didn't have my amazing camera back then & I was sad. Haha. (I did have a point & shoot but it either didn't take great pictures or i didn't know how to make it take great pictures!). Anyway, i went out a little while ago & took pictures. I'll take them progressively throughout this thing so you can see how the sky gets darker & creepier. I say I'm going to do all this like i'm an amazing photographer. I will be lucky if i get what is in my head! Ha!

Maybe just a Before & After shot will do? Here are some before shots for you. Tuesday, August 28th, 11:30 am. (Hurricane expected to hit after midnight tonight.)

 Yes, we live in a trailer. Don't be alarmed, it has survived many hurricanes! Ours is the to the left.

 This is looking down the street. Notice the sky is getting a little gray-ish. It was also just a little windy. Felt kind of nice! Just the calm before the storm. :)

This is the other side of the trailer. (That's ours to the right.)

Now that you have seen our place the day before the storm, I shall entertain you with pictures of us in our crazy, goofy, silly, delirious state! You're welcome! 

Excuse the blurriness in these. Also i have zero makeup on & haven't touched my hair (except to wash it - but this is how it looks when it air dries! Just be happy i brushed it for you!).

 Yes. CRAZY. I know.

I told Brad to make faces for me. The top right is when i told him to show me his "scared of the hurricane face". I love it. Ha!

And a few of us together. Man. You can see now why we are right for each other! One word: GOOFY.

 oh man. the hair is KILLING me.

 Scary hurricane faces.

Oh! I forgot to update you on Fievel. So far he is not bothered by the storm. He has been watching for it, though.

I will keep you updated, as long as i have power.

Fellow Louisiana friends & anyone else affected by this storm: PRAYERS for your safety! Please pray for my sister & her husband, too - they're near New Orleans & if there is a storm surge there will be a LOT of flooding!

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