Sunday, August 26, 2012

In other news...

We have a hurricane coming!!! 

You read that right. It's excitement. Only because I think it could possibly get us a day or days off work. Once it gets to NO ELECTRICITY for days & days & days? I won't be so excited. I'll be over it. Ready to go back to work. Ha!

It's been looking like it would hit Florida, but it started shifting west, so... that would be us! I think it's still projected that it will make landfall in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Not far from us at all.

 We are in Baton Rouge. Which is basically where i wrote "ME!". Haha!
Category 2. 100mph. 

My fifth hurricane, that i can remember.

My sister is in St. Tammany Parish, which is a lot closer to the eye of the storm than we are. So please pray for her & my brother-in-law & his family!

If i stop blogging sometime Wednesday... and tweeting and facebooking...it means i have lost POWER! BLAH!

But seriously... please pray protection & safety for us & others in the path of the storm. Thanks!

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