Friday, August 3, 2012

It's the Weekend!

Y'all. I am SO TIRED! And yet. I refuse to go to bed. Like I'm 8 or something!

Husband is sacked out in his chair. It always cracks me up when we're both in here & we're tired & need to go to bed, and then he says, "Maybe if i just close my eyes for a minute..." 

Next thing you know, he is OUT. Sitting up. In his chair.

Not comfortable!

Why don't you just go to bed if you literally cannot stay awake?!

I deactivated facebook last night. Warned the world & then deactivated right before shutting down for the night. I am glad. I immediately took it off my phone too. 

So far?

Well, it's going to take some getting used to! I keep wanting to go to Facebook! I can't tell you how many times I did that today! But every time i was reminded that i deactivated it, so i would just stay off it. I kind of miss it. I'm too nosy, I always want to know what's going on! So there have been times i wanted to be back on it. But if i did get on it, it would be less than 5 seconds before i was annoyed again! I was telling some guys at work about it, & they said, "oh, the chic-fil-a thing?" (because, honestly, I have thought about deactivating many times but this whole issue (both sides) has made me want to run & hide!). Anyway, i said "yeah" & one of them said, "you just gotta block those people!" But y'all - I hide people on FB all the time. But now it's like - i would have to hide nearly everyone!

Anyway... I am staying off it for a week at least. At that point, i may never want to get back on it again. Or i may go back on it & decide i just needed a break. It's whatever. But i have a feeling i will like this, once I'm used to it!

So I'm trying to get into Twitter more. I have been on it, but i don't get it. Someone please tell me if i'm not doing it right?! :) Some may think Twitter is the same as FB. Not so. I don't feel like I have to follow anybody. They can follow me without me following them. Also, your words are limited, so no LONG statuses that say 58409303 things about what they believe or about their day. Just something short & sweet. I like it. (Kind of, but I'll get there!)

I  found the cute backgrounds though! So i have cute stripes going on! Yay!

Hubby met me at my work today once he got off his work. He saw my office & met my coworker, Ben, and helped us get some last minute things ready for our  new class that starts on Monday. Then i realized i needed to bring some stuff to the floor (what we call the salon part of the school), so he met a few more people. I was all proud - i love my husband! 

Anyway, then we drove to SAM'S & joined. I have to tell you - i wasn't SURE the savings would be good. I just like how there's always a lane open & they workers are nice. Unlike SOME places *walmart*COUGH*walmart*! But wow, y'all! Most of the stuff we got, we were AMAZED at the savings. It was better than I realized it would be! SCORE!

Not to mention that we went on tax-free weekend! Yes, indeed! 

Tomorrow I am going to hang out with some new church girlfriends. :) Tomorrow night i am FINALLY going to meet baby Izaac (my cousin-in-law's baby)! 

Next week, work will be insane. I'm kinda scared! Ha! 

Well. Hope y'all have a good weekend!

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