Sunday, August 5, 2012

Last week

I got a haircut last Monday. One of my students, Amber, did it for me & she did a great job!

It feels so much better. It's just too hot outside and my hair is too heavy! 

Fievel got a haircut, too. He needed it! 
I need to save pics before i upload & filter them through instagram! That's why the colors aren't the same! The one in the middle is his true color! Anyway... before, on the way & after! :) He looks & smells MUCH better!

I spent the first couple of weekdays at my parents, dog-sitting this little girl!
This is Molly. She was so sweet! 

My coworker Michelle had her last day with Aveda on Thursday. I am sad. She's such a great coworker, always there to lend a hand wherever needed. We got her a cake & a card, and took some pics, of course! I will miss her! Thankfully, her new job is just down the street from Aveda - so i will be meeting her for lunch a time or two! :)

I had a rough week last week. Just some personal things going on (please pray for my family if you think about it!). Anyway, I came home one day to red roses from my love. Y'all. I was so touched, I cried. 

Hope you had a great week & that the upcoming week is amazing! :) 


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  1. My parents have a dog that looks just like your sweet like shih-tzu! His name is Gizmo. You have such a cute little family (of 3 of course...) excited to start following your blog! www.sippycupsandpearls.com


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