Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rachel's wedding!

Last weekend, we went to my friend Rachel's wedding!

Most of you know I am big-time involved with our local theater. Rachel was the very first person I met in the cast of Beauty & the Beast, my first show. When i went to auditions, she was the only person there, waiting for her vocal audition. I was with my friend, Lizzy. Lizzy & I were SO nervous, but Rachel was a pro as this was not her first audition. She was adorable & sweet & told us that it was not bad at all & not to be nervous. We were both cast in the show, and have worked together on several shows since then. I just love her!
Isn't she a beautiful bride?!

We were on the VERY last row, and i couldn't see Rachel at all from where i was (she's so tiny!), so that was my only pic during the ceremony! 

I got lots of pics at the reception though!

First Dance!

 Me, Liz & Lauren

 Me & my sweet love!

 My friend, Brittany, who i LOVE & who i am SO HAPPY I got to see even if it wasn't long enough! I got to hug her neck, though! I have missed her so much! Love this girl! Oh, she blogs, by the way!

Thomas, Brittany & Molly!

 Me & the beautiful Rachel! :) 

 The newly engaged, Natalie & Bradford!

 Me with 3 of my whore friends: Rachel, Natalie & Lauren. (Joke, people. We all played whores in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas a few years ago!) 

Micah & Rachel Dawson! 

Rachel's hubby got a job in Missouri - so after the wedding they moved there!! So sad she is not in town anymore. :( But hopefully she will come visit this Christmas!

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