Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stormy weather, Fievel the Dog & an engagement!

So... just some pics from the week!

Even though my week was CONSUMED by work stuff, i still got some random pics in. :)

It stormed a lot this week, on & off. Of course, both nights where i had all the students at the end of the day - that's when it stormed. :) But one night i let them go just as it was about to pour. It was thundering & lightening like crazy, but no rain until most of us where in our cars & on our way home! This is what it looked like when i left work - except a lot scarier in person! I have never heard it thunder SO LOUD! And it was raining (thus the umbrella), even though you can't tell it in this pic!

Hard to believe this is what i saw when i left work the very next day! GORGEOUS!
That is not edited. Just beautiful! 

Brad was reading next to me one night, and i just thought he was so handsome that i kept snapping pics of him. Then i got this annoyed but amused expression: 
He was saying, "It is very hard to read when you are over there snapping pictures of me!" LOL. Sorry, hoob. You're cute. (Notice his Mr. Right shirt. Haha!)

Remember that time i deactivated Facebook? I'm back, but posting to Twitter now & just reading & responding on FB. (My twitter posts show up on FB though.) Anyway, i think this is funny. This is what happens when you deactivate:
If you can't read it - it says - "Your 875 friends will no longer be able to keep in touch with you. Laura will miss you. Wendy will miss you. Timothy will miss you. Robyn will miss you.Jessica will miss you."

Um... actually, Facebook. I am sure i can manage to keep in touch with them. (It's hard for some of these, I admit, but don't tell Facebook i said that!) I just think it's funny that they do this. I don't know why!  Then it asks your reason. And i wish it had an "other" blank so i could write: "It's not you, Facebook. It's the 800 out of 875 people who post nothing put stupid things all day long." HA!

Anyway. I just thought it was funny that FB wanted to tell me how much people will miss me so i will stay! HA. MOVING ON!

I know this pic is blurry, but i think it's so cute when Brad holds Fievel like that! Haha!

Fievel has been a sweetie all week.

This might be my fave pic of him, ever. He's sitting on the ottoman at my feet, looking out the window. :)

{Now. Saving the best for last...}

One of the most exciting pieces of news is that my friend Natalie got engaged this week! Her now fiance, Bradford, actually facebooked a ton of her friends, myself included, a couple weeks ago letting us in on his plan & asking us to be a part of it. He wanted to do a huge dance in front of the bell tower at LSU. A flash-mob type dance. Leonard, who I know from theater & is an AMAZING dancer in town, agreed to choreograph. I had to miss both rehearsals, so the day of (Wed) i was going to go to our friend Rachel's after work to learn it so i could join the fun! But i had to work late & was just EXHAUSTED when i left, so i went home. :( I was sad. ANYWAY - the news ended up being there & that was AWESOME! LOVE this video & so excited for Bradford & Natalie!

Here are a still shots. :)
 Bradford (the proposer) CENTER, Leonard is the one to the far right, that's my friend Susan on the left in the LSU shirt. :)

 End of the dance - popping the question!

 So cute!!! :) :) :)
Pictures by Tate Tullier Photography - They did a great job!

{I am so happy for Bradford & Natalie!}

Now please just humor me when i come back with the actual video! HA!

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